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Dragon Quest X

More details on Dragon Quest X’s expansion have come in. You can find screenshots above, and information below.

– The town of Seredo is located in the continent of Rendashia
– Seredo is hidden away by steep mountains
– When brave adventurers finally discover it, they find the strange oddness that is a town filled with nothing but children
– Multiple elevations in Seredo gives great views
– Players will soon come across a destroyed church
– Its windows broken into and the entire roof and building in ruins
– Unclear how the church got this way
– Talk with children to find out what happened
– Rizerotta: de facto leader of Seredo
– Rizerotta is audacious but determined
– The children of Seredo have deep trust in her
– Muchino is her mysterious familiar who follows her around as she keeps public order in the children’s city
– Muchino is summoned by magic
– Muchino can cook any sweet quickly
– Fuuro is the previous priest’s son
– He’s also a bit of a coward
– Childhood friend of Rizerotta
– Fuuro follows her faithfully, even putting himself in harms way when she thinks she’s being threatened
– He seems to be the only one who questions why the town is the way it is now


Hori will release a pair of Dragon Quest X-themed keyboards in Japan. Both will work with the Wii U, Wii, and PC. Consumers will be able to purchase the Dragon Quest X Slime Keyboard and Dragon Quest X Metal Slime Keyboard for 3,980 and 4,980 yen respectively.


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