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Guitar Life: Lesson 1

Hori, typically known for its accessories, has now announced a new piece of software for Switch titled Guitar Life: Lesson 1. A release is planned for this spring in Japan.

Guitar Life: Lesson 1 is a peripheral-powered educational guitar game. The following songs will be included:

Switch Split Pad Compact Sonic

HORI is adding two more designs to its lineup of Switch Split Pad Compacts, with Sonic the Hedgehog and Pac-Man now getting the spotlight.

As a reminder, the Split Pad Compact is an updated version of the Split Pad Pro with a focus on handheld player. It features full-size analog sticks and a d-pad plus turbo functions and assignable rear buttons. However, it does not support motion controls, HD Rumble, NFC, and the IR camera.

HORI Zelda Tears of the Kingdom accessories

Original (4/15): HORI has revealed a few new Switch accessories based on The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The company is readying a stand, Joy-Con substitutes, and carrying cases.

The play stand is pretty straightforward. You can park your Switch system there, and it can be folded for easy transportation in something like a pouch or bag.

Switch Split Pad Compact

Original (9/12): HORI will release the Switch Split Pad Compact in the west, retailer listings confirm.

The peripheral was recently announced for Japan (known there as the Split Pad Fit) and various designs will be appearing in the country starting this month. It’s an updated version of the Split Pad Pro and is intended to “provide a full-size controller experience in handheld mode.” Full-size analog sticks and d-pad are included, along with turbo functions and assignable rear buttons. Motion controls, HD Rumble, NFC, and the IR camera are not supported.

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Split Pad Fit

Original (8/18): HORI originally introduced the Split Pad Pro as a way of bringing the full-size controller experience in handheld mode that you’d get while playing your Switch docked. After putting out a number of different designs, the company has now unveiled an updated version known as the Split Pad Fit.

The Split Pad Fit is in many ways identical to the Split Pad Pro. You can still use a d-pad, assign functions to rear buttons, and more. However, just like the original, it does not support features like HD Rumble or NFC.


Sonic split pad pro

Another variation of HORI’s Split Pad Pro controller for Switch has been revealed – this time for Sonic the Hedgehog. It has two pieces of art for the Blue Blur on both sides of the controller and the back is completely dark blue.

There have been a few different designs going back to
the original Split Pad Pro with Daemon X Machina in 2019. Other variations include Pac-Man, Pokemon, and Monster Hunter. We also found out about a Mega Man version not too long ago.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Split Pad Pro

HORI is making another design available in its Switch Split Pad Pro line to tie in with the launch of Pokemon Legends: Arceus. In a couple of months, fans will be able to pick up a controller based on the game.

Like all other Split Pad Pros, it’s designed as a handheld experience first and foremost. It has full-size analog sticks, a precision D-pad, and large shoulder buttons as well as assignable rear triggers, Turbo functionally, and more.

Here’s the official product description:

HORI has revealed a new attachment for its Switch Split Pad Pro accessory that will make it possible to use the device as a wired controller for TV mode.

Up until now, the Split Pad Pro has only been compatible in handheld mode. A few different designs have been released, including Daemon X Machina, Pac-Man, Pokemon, and Monster Hunter. We’ll also be seeing a new Mega Man version very soon. But now with the new attachment, the Split Pad Pro essentially becomes a wired controller.


Mega Man Switch Split Pad Pro

HORI is planning a new Switch Split Pad Pro for Mega Man, a listing on Amazon reveals.

The controller, which is officially licensed by Nintendo and Capcom, has been completely decked out with the classic character showing up on both sides. The entire thing is in blue as well, which acts as another nod to the Capcom icon.

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Update (4/10): Play-Asia is taking pre-orders for the Ring Fit Adventure mat here.

Original (4/7): HORI has made a bunch of Switch accessories over the past few years, most of which are controllers. But now the company has unveiled the first ever accessory for Ring Fit Adventure.

HORI is planning to release an officially-licensed mat for the Switch title which can be used in either a folded form or fully spread depending on the exercise the player is performing. Since it’s absorbing some of the impact of you hitting the floor, it’s easier on your joints. It measures 1,800 mm x 610 mm with a thickness of 4 mm.

The Ring Fit Adventure mat is slated for June in Japan with a price point of 6,300 yen. There’s no word on a western release just yet, though importing is always an option.


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