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Final Fantasy Explorers

Square Enix recently let loose new details about a pair of Summoned Beasts in Final Fantasy Explorers, Alexander and Diablos. You can find information pertaining to each below.


– Alexander is the biggest of the Summoned Beasts
– Has a variety of attack patterns
– Includes magic, trembling attacks, missiles, stomping attacks
– Also uses the “Holy Judgment” attack
– Uses its body for close-ranged attacks
– Also has its own repertoire of ranged attacks such as laser beams and missiles


– Located in a dusky cave
– Surrounded by an ominous atmosphere
– Uses gravity-based attacks
– Can swoop around and hit you with its wings while spinning around
– Its large wings can also act as a shield to protect itself from various attacks
– Gravity moves can suck players into fixed spots
– Diablos can also darken parts of the area


Square Enix has unleashed another round of Final Fantasy Explorers details about the latest character transformations and jobs. You’ll find the full set of information below.

– Tifa comes equipped with her ultimate weapon, the Premium Heart gloves
– Uses her Final Heaven limit break against enemies
– Aerith from Final Fantasy VII can restore HP and clear negative status effects with Great Gospel, one of her limit breaks from the game
– Cecil from Final Fantasy IV can use Double Phase
– This is an attack that blends both his light and dark sides that comes from Dissidia: Final Fantasy
– Vaan has his Luminescence Quickening from Final Fantasy XII
– Thief job: steals items from monsters
– Thief can use a skill that reduces the amount of AP consumed while dashing so you can run longer
– Surprise Attack is a quick strike with a high critical rate
– Chaos Trip inflicts poison and burn statues that sap HP from a target
– Chemists are item masters
– When Chemists use items their effects are more potent
– Chemists can also use an item without consuming it
– The downside to this is that the skill has a long cooldown period
– Chemists are intended to be support characters
– They can also act as long range fighters when equipped with a gun


Square Enix released a new trailer for Final Fantasy Explorers. You can watch it above.

Additionally, we have news about more character transformations that can be done via the trance system. The latest issue of Jump confirms that Cecil from Final Fantasy IV, Vaan from Final Fantasy XII, and Tifa and Aerith from Final Fantasy VII will be included in Final Fantasy Explorers. Cecil’s attacks will change depending if he’s in Dark Knight or Paladin mode.

Lastly, we have a quick update on summons. Alexander and Diabolos will both be in Final Fantasy Explorers.


Square Enix announced that the Final Fantasy Explorers demo will launch in Japan on November 14.

The demo will cover the prologue, and has all the major features from the final game (including 4 player online multiplayer).
It will also have two battles against summons (Iffrit and Shiva), along with some jobs and equipment.

As we announced previously, you can transfer some information to the final game, including Gil (up to 5 000), Crystal Points (up to 2 000 points), items, abilities, and one weapon/piece of equipment from every category.

Check out some of the latest videos below:

Character Creation

Basic Quests

Dragon Battle

Iffrit Battle

Shiva Battle

Cloud and Lighting


Last week we detailed some information on the incredibly in depth Final Fantasy Explorers lite version, the demo for the eShop that will be released some time before the full game. More information surfaced today that much like the Bravely Default demo, things from the demo such as battle items, abilities, gil and crystal points will be inherited by characters in the final release. At the moment this only applies to the Japanese version but we suspect this will find it’s way west as we get closer to that release.