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Fire Emblem Heroes

The release of Fire Emblem Heroes is just 2 days away, but quite a few of the game’s details are still unknown at this point. Thankfully, a couple members of the press got the chance to try out the game for an hour last weekend. Below, we’ve compiled all of the new info from GameXplain’s and Polygon’s preview:

  • You can view all of a character’s special illustrations on their status screen and listen to their voiced lines
  • Units have “Assist Skills”, which can be activated when they’re standing next to an ally
  • Bow users still deal extra damage to flying enemies
  • Your chances of getting a Hero with a high star count increase each time you don’t get one when Summoning Heroes using Orbs (the game’s gacha system)
  • If a unit reaches level 20, they can rank up, which increases their star count by 1
  • The game’s first limited-time event apparently is centered on Lissa
  • Story missions have several difficulty levels – Normal, Hard and Lunatic, with higher difficulties yielding better rewards, but requiring more Stamina to play
  • There are different summoning “banners”, which each focus on a different group of Heroes
  • You can turn off combat animations, portrait cut-ins and voice overs
  • Special skills need several turns to charge; they are then used automatically next time the character attacks
  • At any time during a battle, you can spend one Orb to revive and heal all your units – you can also use this to resume a mission if you get a Game Over
  • There is an auto battle option
  • Each character has a brief biography that describes their character and which Fire Emblem game they’re from
  • The Arena uses a different Stamina mechanic called Dueling Swords – you get three Dueling Swords per day, and you need to use one to fight in the Arena. You can use Orbs to refill your Dueling Swords.
  • You can use Orbs to upgrade your Castle, which is essentially your base – the first upgrade costs 1 Orb and permanently increases all experience gained by 20%
  • You can also change the design of your castle
  • Nintendo Treehouse localized the game

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Fire Emblem Heroes

Nintendo has said that Fire Emblem Heroes will be out this week. Officially, the game is said to be launching on February 2. In the west though, it may actually be releasing sooner than that.

An email from a Nintendo customer support representative says that Fire Emblem Heroes arrives at 7 AM in Japan on February 2. If we start seeing the game around the rest of the world at roughly the same time, we could be getting it on Wednesday at 2 PM PT / 5 PM ET / 10 PM in the UK / 11 PM in Europe.


In Japan, Fire Emblem Heroes places a limit on the amount of cash that can be paid by minors. These players will only be able to spend 12,000 yen on the game each month. Other mobile titles in Japan have integrated a similar “safety guard” of sorts.

Fire Emblem Heroes launches on both iOS and Android on February 2. It’s the first free-to-play mobile game from Nintendo.


Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes is just on the horizon. Next week, the mobile game will launch around the world.

It’s unclear how much space is required, and Nintendo is ready to give out a specific number. That being said, in a Nintendo customer support email, the company recommends 1 GB of free space. We should have a final answer in just a few days.


Nintendo just released part 2 of the “Heroes & Heroines” trailer for Fire Emblem Heroes, showing off a couple more of the game’s characters and their all-new artwork and voice samples. Give it a watch:

Some additional info has come out about Fire Emblem Heroes – from a customer service e-mail, no less. Reddit user SBelmont sent a mail to the Japanese Fire Emblem Heroes customer support, asking about whether or not the game will have one global server and whether or not players will be able to change the language of the in-game text and voices.

According to the response, there will indeed be one global server for all players, so the user base won’t be fragmented and split over multiple servers divided by region or language, as is the case with many mobile games. Players will also have the option to change the language of the in-game text, but aren’t able to change the language of the in-game voices. This was likely done to keep the download size of the game manageable, as audio files are usually quite large.

Fire Emblem Heroes will be released on iOS and Android devices on February 2nd.


It’s been about a week since the “Choose your Legends” vote opened for Fire Emblem Heroes. After giving a brief look at some of the leaders yesterday, Nintendo has since put out two images showing the full midterm standings.

Here are the results at the moment for both the heroes and heroines:

Voting for the Fire Emblem Heroes event ends on January 31.


Nintendo prepared a new Fire Emblem Heroes trailer today showcasing some of the characters included in its mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes. View it below.

As you probably know, a vote is currently underway for the upcoming Fire Emblem Heroes mobile game. Fans can vote for one character from the whole Fire Emblem series each day up until January 31st. The top ranking male and female characters will be added to Fire Emblem Heroes wearing a special outfit, while the top 10 male and female characters will receive special calendar wallpapers. The official Fire Emblem Heroes Twitter account revealed the current standings of the vote as of today:

  1. Lyn (Blazing Blade)
  2. Lucina (Awakening)
  3. Ike (Path of Radiance)

This would mean that if the vote were to end today, Lyn and Ike in special outfits would be added to Fire Emblem Heroes.

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Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes was announced this week. It’s a big move for Nintendo, as it’s Fire Emblem’s first appearance on mobile as well as the company’s first attempt at the free-to-play market for smartphones.

According to the Fire Emblem Heroes website, the title will initially be coming to 39 countries. Nintendo does say though that more territories may be added.

The lineup is as follows:

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