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Inti Creates

At the Tokyo Game Show this week, Gal*Gun 2 was on display for the first time. Take a look at some off-screen footage from the playable demo below.

Azure Striker Gunvolt developer Inti Creates has revealed another new game for Switch. This winter, we’ll be seeing the shooter Gal*Gun 2 on Nintendo’s console.

The premise of Gal*Gun 2 involves a young man “who accidentally becomes supernaturally popular with girls.” You’ll be searching for his one true love in the game using the Pheromone Shot. Since all of the girls at at his academy want their chance to be with him, they “will do whatever they can to express their love”. That’s where the Pheromone Shot comes into play. You’ll need to use the weapon to fend off the girls’ advances by “by giving them euphoria”.

Additional details and images straight from Inti Creates are attached below.

A new Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night development update has been published on the official Kickstarter page. In a post primarily handled by creator Koji Igarashi, the Japanese voice cast is introduced.

Voice actors for eight different characters are now known. Another actor is also named, but the character he plays is currently a secret. We’ll be hearing about him “soon”.

Here’s the full lowdown from Igarashi:

The original Azure Striker Gunvolt has surpassed 250,000 downloads, Inti Creates has announced.

Over on Twitter, the company shared the news with the following message:

Azure Striker Gunvolt is available digitally as well as physically with the second game. Inti Creates began offering both Azure Striker Gunvolt titles on Switch just recently on the eShop, and a physical Switch version is due out this fall.


Dragon Marked For Death

Inti Creates announced its new game Dragon Marked For Death during the Nindies Showcase last week. Get a look at a bit of off-screen footage below.

Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack is out now on Switch as an eShop download, with a physical version to follow this fall. Check out some footage below.

During the Nindie Showcast today, Inti Creates revealed its new game / IP known as “Dragon: Marked for Death”. It’ll be out on Switch this winter.

Inti Creates has now followed up with the official announcement, pointing out how it’s “an immersive dark fantasy style action RPG that can be enjoyed solo, or together with up 3 other people in local or online multiplayer”. The studio also highlighted the fact that many staffers from the Mega Man Zero / Mega Man ZX series are working on the game.

Here’s the full rundown of staff:

Blaster Master Zero and Mighty Gunvolt Burst developer Inti Creates has announced a brand new game for Switch. Dragon Marked for Death will be out on the console this holiday.

Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack will be out around the world on the Switch eShop next week. Inti Creates will be publishing the package of two games on August 31. If you’re planning on downloading Striker Pack, you’ll need 2.5GB of free space.

We just found out this week that the Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack will be offered as a physical release in North America and Europe. Nighthawk Interactive should be publishing it sometime this fall.

News leaked out this week that Inti Creates, in partnership with Nighthawk Interactive, is planning a physical version of Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack for Switch in North America. Today, the company made it official.

Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack will be available this fall as a physical release for $39.99. Additionally, Inti Creates confirmed that Europe will be receiving the same package.

Those who aren’t interested in having Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack physically can pick up the digital version next Thursday from the eShop for $39.99.


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