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Picross S8

Jupiter is developing Picross S8 and the game will be released this fall, the company has announced. While not stated explicitly, it’s safe to assume that it will be appearing on Switch like all previous entries in the series.

Picross S came to Switch in September 2017. Since then we’ve seen six additional titles. Jupiter has even created Picross Lord of the Nazarick, Kemon’s Friends Picross, and Picross S Genesis & Master System Edition.

As for Picross S8, more information will be shared in the future. We should have a release date closer to launch.

Picross X: Picbits vs. Uzboross

Jupiter has revealed its latest Picross experience for Switch, which is titled Picross X: Picbits vs. Uzboross. Although it will initially launch on August 4 in Japan, a western version will follow at a later date.

Here’s the first trailer:

picross s7 gameplay

Picross S7 made it to Switch earlier today, and we now have a good chunk of gameplay. We have 18 minutes of footage showing Jupiter’s latest release.

For more on Picross S7, read the following overview:

Picross S7

Jupiter’s Picross series continues on Switch with Picross S7, which the company just announced today.

This time around, the franchise is finally introducing touchscreen controls. It’s possible to use “Touch Hold” or “Touch Toggle” as an input method on the puzzle board.

Picross S: Genesis & Master System Edition

Picross S: Genesis & Master System Edition still has a week to go until release, but Jupiter has made a demo available in advance via the eShop. View some footage below.

Picross S: Genesis & Master System Edition launches as a Switch eShop download on August 5. We have more information and a trailer here.

Picross S: Genesis & Master System Edition

Picross S: Genesis & Master System Edition is almost here. The puzzle title, which was revealed for Switch just over a year ago, is now confirmed to be releasing next week.

Here’s a brief overview, along with a trailer:

Picross S6

Yesterday, Jupiter announced Picross S6 as the latest addition to its puzzle series. It’s a few days away from release, but fans can try out a free demo via the eShop.

Here’s some footage:

Picross S6

Picross S6 is on the way to Switch, Jupiter has revealed. It will release on April 22.

Here’s an overview of the game, along with a trailer:

Picross S5

Picross S5 made it to Switch yesterday, and we now have a video showing off all of the game’s modes. Have a look at th footage below.

Picross S5 is available for Switch via the eShop.

Picross S5

Earlier today, Jupiter announced Picross S5 for Switch. The game already has a listing on the Japanese eShop where fans can download a demo in advance.

Here’s some footage:

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