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Mario Party: Island Tour

Nintendo will soon release a new 3DS XL bundle featuring Mario Party: Island Tour, a leaked ad from Meijer reveals. The package contains a blue system variation. The ad above seems to be for Black Friday, so Nintendo’s latest bundle should be available this month.


Download Play lets four players enjoy the party using just a single Game Card*

16th January 2014 – Join Mario and friends for a party in the clouds in Mario Party: Island Tour launching across Europe for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems on 17th January. It’s never been easier to get the party started in multiplayer as Mario Party: Island Tour only requires one copy of the game to be enjoyed with up to three other friends* using the Nintendo 3DS system’s Download Play feature. Whether you’re a fan or new to the series, this latest instalment of the madcap virtual board game has plenty for everyone, with 7 brand new game boards, 80 addictive minigames and a variety of modes for family and friends to enjoy.

Choose from a range of beloved Nintendo characters to play as, such as Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach and Toad, and party across 7 uniquely themed game boards each with different goals and play styles. For instance, play chicken with Banzai Bills on Banzai Bill’s Mad Mountain and try your luck to see whether risky moves get you to the finish first, or collect boosters to tune up your rocket and race to the finish on Rocket Road. Each game board is jam-packed with its own range of special cards or dice that could turn the tide of the game and are won through exciting minigames. In Mario Party: Island Tour it’s always your party, so you can choose whether more skill or luck will be required when you pick a game board of your preference, or even determine the difficulty level of the minigames.

Image 1: In this photo provided by Nintendo of America, Mario and Zelda fans wait in a line at Nintendo World in New York on Nov. 21, 2013, to be among the first in the U.S. to purchase the Super Mario 3D World video game for Wii U and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and Mario Party: Island Tour video games for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems.

Image 2: In this photo provided by Nintendo of America, Dani G., from New York, NY and Grace H., from New York, NY, are one the first consumers to purchase Super Mario 3D World for Wii U and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Gold and Black Nintendo 3DS XL bundle at the launch celebration at Nintendo World in New York on Nov. 21, 2013. The games and system are available to purchase on Nov. 22, 2013.

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