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Nicalis hasn’t said when Redout will be available on Switch. But going off of GameStop, it could be out within a couple of months. In its weekly ad, the retailer claims that the title is set to launch on July 25.

GameStop isn’t just going out on a limb here. What’s encouraging is that Amazon and Best Buy both have July 25 listed on their websites as well. And with GameStop coming out in its ad with a July 25 release date, hopefully Redout will in fact be out on Switch next month.


Nicalis uploaded a few photos showing the full contents of what consumers can receive when they pick up a physical copy of Cave Story+ on Switch when it launches this month. See the images below.


Nicalis is packing in all sorts of goodies with Cave Story+ on Switch. We already knew about an instruction booklet, and the publisher also revealed today that a Famitracks 3″ music CD will be included as well.

GameStop will have an extra bonus on top of it all. If you reserve Cave Story+ at the retailer, you’ll be given one of three random keychains.

Note that these goodies will only be included with the launch edition of Cave Story+.


Cave Story+ file size

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When Cave Story+ arrives in June, you can pick up the game in one of two ways. Nicalis intends to release the game physically, though it will also be sold on the eShop.

The Switch eShop has now updated with the size for Cave Story+. It’ll take up 137MB of space, which is definitely on the low side.

Cave Story+ launches in North America on June 20.

Source: Switch eShop

Nicalis’ Cave Story+ on Switch has got an interesting release history – it’s being published in all three major territories by three different publishers and each of them seemingly has different plans for a release date and the game’s physical version.

In North America, Nicalis are publishing the game themselves, and it will see both a physical and a digital release in June. In Europe, Nicalis is partnering up with Headup Games to release the game, though at this point we don’t know if the game is getting a physical there, nor do we have a concrete release date.

Today, we learned that Pikii is publishing Cave Story+ in Japan. It will get both a physical and a digital release there; as for the release date, we only have a rough time frame of “2017” at the moment.

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One of the goodies included with the physical version of Cave Story+ is a full-color instruction manual. On its Twitter account, Nicalis gave a small preview (see above). The company promises that it’s packed with “top-secret info”.


Cave Story+ is initially set for June 23 on Switch. Down the road, it will be adding a brand new feature.

Nicalis confirmed on Twitter today that local co-op will be added late in the late summer. The company’s brief tweet is as follows:

Thanks to Andrew for the tip.


Headup Games is working with Nicalis to bring The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ to Europe before the end of Q2. When the announcement was made, it was also suggested that the two sides would partner on future releases on well.

Nicalis officially said on Twitter this week that Headup Games will be handling Cave Story+ in Europe. No word on a release date as of now, but the confirmation is nice to have in any case.


Just like with The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+, Nicalis will be including some extras with the physical version of Cave Story+. The company teased “a few unannounced goodies” on Twitter, which should certainly include an instruction booklet based on an image included with the company’s message.

Back in the day, an instruction booklet may not have seemed like much. But in this era, physical games often don’t come with anything anymore other than the cartridge / disc in most cases.


Wondering when Redout will be heading to Switch? It may not be too long until we receive a final date. Developer 34BigThings wrote in a blog post that an announcement should be made “soon”.

Going into specifics as to why it’s taken so long, 34BigThings explained that the initial PC release required a great amount of resources. This resulted in “less allocated time, more assets, regression bugs, more optimisation work” on consoles. In the end, “PC gamers got more stuff early, console gamers will get a polished game with the same content.”

34BigThings wrote:

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