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Platinum Games

If you purchase Bayonetta 2 in North America or Europe, you’ll receive the original Bayonetta for free. This will be made available as a digital release on the eShop.

Things are a bit different in Japan. All retail copies of Bayonetta 2 come with Bayonetta on a separate disc.


– When in the Link costumes, finding items results in Zelda music
– Initially, there was an undershirt beneath Bayonetta’s Link costume
– Nintendo suggested they get rid of it, since it wasn’t fitting of Bayonetta’s character
– Hashimoto joked that he was surprised Nintendo would suggest that, but PlatinumGames went ahead and removed the undershirt
– Samus’ costume is the original Power Suit, not the Varia Suit with rounded shoulders
– You can change whether the visor on the helmet is up or down
– You can change the visor on the fly depending on your preference


– Samus Aran, Peach, Link on display at E3
– Samus costume: fire shots from Samus’ arm cannon instead of the usual guns
– The Peach costume features Bayonetta in a skimpy princess outfit
– With the Peach outfit, you have moves that feature giant versions of Bowser’s hands and feet
– The Peach costume also has an alternate whip weapon
– In the Link costume, Bayonetta can wield the master sword
– Wears the familiar green tunic as well


This information comes from Bayonetta director Yusuke Hashimoto, speaking with USGamer…

– Bayonetta 1 includes all of the bells and whistles of the sequel
– This includes GamePad support and touchscreen functionality
– As previously mentioned, there are also costumes based on Nintendo characters like Link and Samus

“That was something that Mr. Kamiya wanted. He drove us a little crazy with his demands.”

– Bayonetta 1 has been in the works for about a year and a half
– Port is done now
– First conceived with the blessing of Nintendo

“We thought it would be awesome to let fans play both on the same console.”

– Much of Bayonetta 1 was outsourced to Bee Tribe
– “every aspect of its development” overseen by Kamiya

Bayonetta 2

– All content available out of the box
– No DLC

“I feel like there’s enough content there for one and a half games.”

“We don’t know when to stop. There’s so much we want to do. We’re just greedy.”