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Pokemon GO

Yesterday, Niantic gave a sneak peek at a feature on the way to Pokemon GO. An update coming soon will make it easier to catch rare Pokemon.

Niantic also has plans to improve the training gameplay, as the company revealed in a blog update today. Here’s what players can look forward to:

“As we continue to make improvements to Pokémon GO, we have made an enhancement to the Gym experience for Trainers of all levels. In an upcoming version of Pokémon GO, when training at a friendly Gym, Trainers will be able to bring six Pokémon to battle instead of one. In addition, the CP of the Pokémon you are training against may be temporarily adjusted lower during your training session to generally match your Pokémon’s battle capabilities.

No matter what your level, you can now have an impact on your team’s Gym. Walk with your Buddy Pokémon to that nearby landmark and show your Team Leader that you can battle with the best!”

Niantic hasn’t said when this will be going live, but it shouldn’t be too far in the future. We’ll let you know when we hear anything.


Niantic is giving Pokemon GO players a sneak peek of a new feature on the way. Sometime soon, functionality will be introduced “which grants a catch bonus when you earn medals based on catching certain types of Pokemon”.

With bonuses, you’ll have a better chance of capturing Pokemon with a related type. As one example, catching Fire-type Pokemon will be easier as you reach a higher tier for the Kindler Medal. Tiers can be increased by catching many Pokemon of the same type.

Here’s the full explanation and some screenshots of the upcoming feature:

Pokemon GO has been delivered to another slew of countries. The lineup includes: Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Rwanda, Seychelles, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Chad, Gabon, Sao Tome and Principe, Egypt, Morocco, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Cote d’Ivoire, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Mauritania, Niger, Sierra Leone, Togo.

Last Thursday, Niantic made Pokemon GO available in five new countries. That was followed a day later by its launch in six more territories.


Pokemon GO fell to the fourth spot as the highest-grossing iPhone games in the U.S. on September 29. However, it’s now number one again, based on new data from Sensor Tower and App Annie. It now seems that it’s “settled into a plateau,” as GamesBeat points out.

As for Android, Pokemon GO remains at the third spot. MZ’s Mobile Strike and Game of War are still leading the way on Google Play.

Pokemon GO is generating more revenue than any other iPhone app in 15 other countries besides the United States, including Canada and the United Kingdom plus emerging regions such as the Philippines. But in Japan, it’s the fifth highest-grossing iPhone game, behind the messaging app Line and Shadowverse, Monster Strike, Puzzle & Dragons.


It’s no secret that Pokemon GO has been incredibly successful for developer Niantic, however there have also been numerous problems on its road to success, including residents, local authorities etc who feel that the game is negatively affecting the real world locations it is played at. The latest of those is the town of Kijkduin in the Netherlands, near Den Haag, The Guardian reports. The beaches near the town are popular hunting grounds for Pokemon – however, some of the dunes are considered protected areas, and local authorities are concerned that the mass of people playing Pokemon GO there will cause damage to these protected areas. In an official statement, the authorities said that they “want to ban these small virtual animals in protected areas and in the streets from 11:00 pm to 7:00 am”.

Authorities in Den Haag said that they’ve been trying to reach Niantic since mid-August, but have received no reply from the US-based developer. As such, they feel like they “have no other choice” but to go to court. The hearing will take place at a court in Den Haag on October 11th.

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Pokemon GO can now be downloaded and played in another six countries. Today, Niantic made the app available in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Mongolia.

Yesterday, Pokemon GO added another set of countries. That included Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macau, Macedonia, and Serbia.


The latest information about Pokemon GO’s performance comes from mobile intelligence group Newzoo, who published a new report on the game today.

Since launch, Pokemon GO is estimated to have earned $470 million. That was done in just 82 days. Newzoo additionally reveals that Pokemon GO is generating $2 million a day, down from the previous figure of $16 million. Downloads clock in at around 700,000 a day.

As far as who’s playing Pokemon GO, 36 percent of players are between the ages of 16 to 25, and 43 percent are female. The app brought in 20 million new mobile gamers in U.S., U.K., Germany, and France.

Newzoo chief executive officer Peter Warman relayed the following:

“Pokémon Go has opened our eyes in many ways. It has refreshed the top grossing mobile game ranking that has been dominated by a small number of publishers and games for a long time. It has proven beyond a doubt that AR can be applied in ways that appeal to a mass audience. Equally important from a business perspective, it has given [developer] Niantic investor Google enormous insight and data that it can incorporate into its location-based advertising and services strategy. The fact that Pokémon Go has motivated kids and youngsters to spend more time outside is an additional bonus, even if that means they take their screens with them.”


Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO may not quite be setting the world on fire like it was a while ago, but the app is still launching in some parts of the world.

According to the Pokemon GO website, players will be able to download Pokemon GO from the iTunes store or Google Play store in Albania, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Macau, Macedonia, and Serbia.


Pokemon GO’s initial launch didn’t exactly go smoothly. The game’s servers were completely overwhelmed to start out, leaving many unable to play.

Google Cloud’s Luke Stone wrote up a blog today and included a graph that gives us another look at just how much Pokemon GO smashed through expectations. An estimated target and worst case scenario were considered, but as you can see, both were shattered.

Stone also shared these interesting facts:

In the past, when Niantic has changed the spawning nests in Pokemon GO, players could sort of predict what would happen in a way. As Forbes points out:

“Previously, when Niantic changed around spawning nests in Pokémon GO, there was a set list of Pokémon that would change to a different set list of Pokémon. For example, when I started Pokémon GO, I had a Dratini nest by my house, and after the first update, it changed to an Eevee nest, as did all other Dratini nests worldwide. Then after the next update, those Eevee nests, mine included, all changed to Kabuto nests, and so on.”

Niantic has now made another change to Pokemon GO’s spawning nests, but things seem to be different. We’re hearing reports that the system is now completely randomized. Rarity remains the same, but players can’t predict what nests have changed into. Relative rarity is a factor, but other than that, you simply need to go out and look for yourself.

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