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Pokemon Rumble World

In Famitsu’s most recent issue, the magazine caught up with Ambrella director Norio Matsumura and president Muneaki Ozawa. The two sides chatted all about the free-to-play 3DS game Pokemon Rumble World.

One of the most notable questions Famitsu asks is why the team decided to try out the F2P model. Matsumura noted that it actually happened thanks to a suggestion from Pokemon president Tsunekazu Ishihara.

Matsumura said:

Mr. Ishihara (the president of the Pokemon Company) suggested: “Let’s try out F2P.” Personally I think that refreshing controls and the nature of continuously returning to the game are concepts which suit free games very well, so I thought there was a chance of success. However, many members of the staff are against F2P games…

Matsumura continued on his comments by talking about how development didn’t progress without some resistance:

The Pokemon Company has been reveling several codes for various Toy Pokemon in Pokemon Rumble World. The newest codes to be made available are for Europe only and it is a pretty big list with 21 in total.

Full list of new unlock-able codes for  Toy Pokemon and there moves:

Pikachu – 70403360 (Thunderbolt, Volt Tackle)
Inkay – 26665300 (Night Slash, Psycho Cut)
Turtwig – 70959041 (Synthesis, Razor Leaf)
Wurmple – 79075980 (String Shot, Poison Sting)
Treecko – 92293728 (Mega Drain, Energy Ball)
Froakie – 77394523 (Water Shuriken, Bubble Beam)
Heracross – 32542580 (Megahorn, Close Combat)
Hitmontop – 67997111 (Close Combat, Counter)
Chansey – 87337896 (Soft-Boiled, Double-Edge)
Vaporeon – 23871470 (Hydro Pump, Aqua Ring)
Flareon – 18985769 (Fire Fang, Lava Plume)
Jolteon – 03339202 (Thunder Fang, Discharge)
Swirlix – 75842984 (Drain Kiss, Play Rough)
Cubchoo – 43777681 (Icy Wind, Ice Punch)
Riolu – 43522297 (Force Palm, Reversal)
Dedenne – 31587215 (Nuzzle, Thunder Shock)
Ralts – 25826431 (Psychic, Drain Kiss)
Meowstic (male form) – 38676454 (Psyshock, Disarming Voice)
Kangaskhan – 01346893 (Mega Punch, Dizzy Punch)
Hydreigon – 80501954 (Draco Meteor, Dragon Rush)
Charizard – 52378511 (Fire Blast, Dragon Claw)


Several new passwords for the North American version of Pokemon Rumble World have been revealed. They are as follows:

Charizard with Fire Blast & Dragon Claw and a Charizardite X: 16607716

Pikachu with the Super Star trait: 71001385

Turtwig with the Super Star trait: 88252527

Treecko with the Speed trait: 70095874

Froakie with the Super Star trait: 80458867


Nintendo of Europe has just released a code for Pokemon Rumble World on its Official Twitter account. So now for those of you that live across Europe you can acquire Litleo in Pokemon Rumble World! Just use the code featured below and you can have your very own little Litleo.

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 7.12.41 AM


Once upon a time I mentioned how Comcast played a role in canceling one of our podcasts because they made Laura’s internet go away. This week, another American corporation has disrupted our regular flow of feces-like podcasting content to you, but thankfully Xcel Energy’s mishandling of my electrical power only succeeding in delaying the podcast rather than outright canceling it. It’s an exciting show though, because Laura is back in Minneapolis so we’ve recorded our first in-person show since episode 103! Here are today’s chapters:


1) Opening
2) Picture of the Day
3) Game of the Week: Super Mario Land!

What we played

4) Laura’s a’rumblin’. (Pokémon Rumble World)
5) Story of Sadness. (Story of Seasons)
6) Story of Seasons Spoilers Skip-Mark
7) Shepard is not a smart man. (Mass Effect)
8) ProPay develops new Streetpass games for Laura.
9) Donkey Kong Country 2 vs. Super Mario World, a retrospective featurette.

Shenanigans Redux

10) Freetures (the only free part of the podcast)
11) Donkey Kong Country 3 musical interlude

Listener Mail

12) Mario & Luigi is good?
13) New 3DS transfer process and other woes.
14) Are cinematic games taking over? Will they always suck so bad?
15) Comedian corner.

Shenanigans Finale

16) Super Mario Land Quiz
17) Ending sequence and staff roll.

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It’s not often that we hear about improved stability for a game when Nintendo launches new firmware, but that’s exactly what happened with yesterday’s 3DS update. Version 9.7.0-25 actually addresses crashing issues with Pokemon Rumble World while playing on New 3DS units. The Pokemon Company apologized for any trouble that may have been caused, and players are advised to grab the new upgrade.

Thanks to Anthony for the tip.


Now that Pokemon Rumble World has launched, we’ll be cutting down on footage we post from the game. This is the last video you’ll be seeing on the site!

Pokemon Rumble World has officially launched on the North American 3DS eShop. It can be downloaded at no extra cost.

We’ve attached Pokemon Rumble World’s North American launch trailer above. The European video, posted earlier today, is located here.

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