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Spike Chunsoft

The Zero Escape series has spawned two entries, with a third launching in about a month for now. Series creator Kotaro Uchikoshi reflected on the franchise’s roots as part of an interview with Nintendo Force.

Uchikoshi was asked if he thought Spike Chunsoft would approve his initial pitch for 999 (Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors). He did not, but “was able to get the project in fruition thanks to many supporters.”


In Japan, those who pre-order Zero Time Dilemma will be provided with a 48-page “Kyokugen Dasshutsu (Zero Escape)” Premium Booklet. It’s a prequel written by the creator series, Kotaro Uchikoshi. Additionally, illustrations from character designer Rui Tomono, a summary of the previous games, background design, and a booklet-original “mystery” are included.

We hadn’t heard about any plans to bring the book west – until today. Aksys Games confirmed at its MomoCon panel that it will be available at some point. The specifics will be shared at a later date.


Zero Time Dilemma is about a month away from release. With that in mind, Famitsu shares another update on the game with a four-page feature. The magazine provides some new details while recapping some previously-known information.

Head past the break for our rundown of Famitsu’s article. Note: some tidbits have details that some may consider to be spoiler territory.

Two new Zero Time Dilemma-related videos have come in from Polygon. You’ll find 9 minutes of footage below, plus an interview with creator Kotaru Uchikoshi.

This week’s Famitsu has an four page feature on Zero Time Dilemma. The magazine recaps some previously-known information while also sharing extra tidbits.

Zero Time Dilemma is labeled as a “Dicision Game” (that is indeed the actual spelling). Each of the three teams are placed somewhere inside the underground nuclear shelter. Everyone is equipped with a timer bracelet on their left wrist, and the teams are given 90 minutes to find a way to escape the shelter. However, once the 90 minutes are up, the bracelet will administer drugs that cause them to fall asleep and lose all memories of what happened during that time.

Aksys Games has opened the North American Zero Time Dilemma site. You can find it here. The page has information about the game plus the trailers shown thus far.

Spike Chunsoft published a second Zero Time Dilemma trailer in Japanese a few hours ago. Aksys has now uploaded the English version, which you can find below.

Amazon Japan has posted the Japanese Zero Time Dilemma boxart. Take a look at the packaging shot below.

For reference, here’s the North American version:


We also have some screenshots from the game’s Japanese website:

Last but not least, Aksys Games put up a blog post yesterday explaining the cinema sections in Zero Time Dilemma. You can read that right here.

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A new Japanese trailer for the upcoming 3DS title Zero Time Dilemma has made its way online. The trailer highlights each of the characters trapped in the puzzles. Check it out below:

Thanks to Amazon, we now have the boxart for Zero Time Dilemma. You can see what the packaging shot looks like above.

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