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Wii U’s YouTube application was recently updated. There’s not a whole lot that’s new, but a few general improvements have been made.

Users are shown recommendations based on viewing habits and subscriptions upon launching the YouTube app. The app is a bit cleaner and apparently loads faster as well. It’s also possible to press left on the d-pad to open up the same menus and content that you see on the browser version.

One thing that remains the same is keeping all content on the GamePad, and the television stays blank until you start a video. There’s no Pro Controller support sadly!


Wombat Source just submitted an update for GetClose to Nintendo that adds several new things. When it’s released, players will have access to the following:

– Off-TV play
– 4 new levels (2 for Capture the Crown, and 2 for King of the Crown)
– Scrolling parallax background on each level

We’ll let you know when the update launches. For now, view some screenshots below.

Source: Wombat Source PR

Arrow Time U has received an update. If it doesn’t appear when booting up, you may need to delete the game entirely and re-download from the eShop.

“Despite poor sales”, developer XenoHorizon pushed forward with the update, as the studio didn’t want to go back on its word.

XenoHorizon is taking what it learned with Arrow Time U and applying it to future projects. Speaking of which, it sounds like the indie developer has another title lined up for Wii U.


The official YouTube application for Wii U has been updated once again. At the moment, we’re not entirely sure what’s changed. The modifications are likely minimal, but if we hear about what’s new, we’ll be sure to keep you informed.


Cube Creator 3D may not feature use of the Circle Pad Pro at launch. However, developer Big John Games has indicated that support will arrive through a future update.

The studio wrote on Twitter earlier this month:


PhobosLab released a patch for X-Type Plus today. The update is simple, though it adds a highly-requested feature.

After applying the patch, players will be able to experience X-Type Plus through off-TV play. Tapping the thumbnail will switch X-Type Plus over to the GamePad.


Wobbly Tooth is working on an update for Battleminer, the developer announced via Miiverse.

There are two primary goals with the patch. First, several bugs will be addressed – addressing saving and Creative Mode issues in particular. New features are also on the way like an increase in the world ceiling and something else that Wobbly Tooth is keeping secret.

Here’s the full Miiverse post:


Curve Studios released a patch for Stealth Inc 2. It’s on the minor side of things, as the update simply addresses an issue with hats.

Curve Studios shared Stealth Inc 2’s patch news on Twitter earlier today:


North American gamers have been waiting quite some time for Black Forest Games to release the GamePad sound patch for Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams. Thankfully, it appears that the update will be available in January.

Black Forest Games told Nintendo Life:

This is an issue of the US version where Nintendo US didn’t accepted the patch we did while Nintendo Europe did. We just got the info that Nintendo US is already testing our new patch, so January is a safe bet for this being fixed.

Once Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams’ patch is released, players will be able to hear sound from the GamePad’s speaker.


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