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System: Switch
Release date: October 16, 2018
Developer: Ubisoft
Publisher: Ubisoft

The cosmos has always been fascinating. From our blue dot, Earth, being able to look up and see the stars shine, it’s natural to wonder what’s out there or what it’d be like to walk on other planets or visit other solar systems first hand. It’s because of this that I’ve always found sci-fi and space exploration intriguing regardless of the medium helping to bring those thoughts and galaxies to fruition with our imagination. Titles like Mass Effect, Elite Dangerous, Everspace, No Man’s Sky, and so much more have helped bring us as close as possible to experiencing the extraterrestrial within the comfort of our own homes (with significantly less danger) and laid the foundation as well as continue to push various ideas on what lies beyond the exosphere in a variety of different ways. Starlink: Battle for Atlas takes the best parts of space exploration, planetary farming, star battles, and more and brings them together in a way that’s immersive both in and out of the game with a toys-to-life approach that, surprisingly, doesn’t actually need any toys to be enjoyed to its fullest.

Earlier today, the latest UK charts were reported. One of the important bits of news was that Starlink: Battle for Atlas debuted at #14. That’s a bit on the low side, but what’s pretty significant is how many units were sold on Switch. Starlink can thank Switch for 82% of its debut sales, compared to just 10% on PlayStation 4 and 9% on Xbox One.

Also as we saw, the best-selling new Switch game was Dark Souls: Remastered. Luigi’s Mansion for 3DS appeared for the first time as well at #23.


Ubisoft has spoken about how it started its partnership with Nintendo on Star Fox’s Starlink inclusion a few different times. It all started back when Ubisoft unveiled the project at E3 2017, with Nintendo expressing interest in collaborating after trying out a demo at the show. What we didn’t know is that Ubisoft already started on things before the team received permission.

In an interview with Okay Cool, producer Matthew Rose said Ubisoft “started right away” merely because the developers were excited by the initial conversations with Nintendo. Rose also mentioned that the team “started drawing concepts, we made a 3D-printed Arwing that had their proper connectors and toys in it so that you could take it apart and everything.”

Starting today, Switch owners can purchase Starlink: Battle for Atlas. Get a look at a new launch trailer from Ubisoft below.

A couple of new comparison videos have come in for new Switch games. Find ones showing how the Switch versions of Starlink: Battle for Atlas and Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption stack up to their PlayStation 4 counterparts below.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas will be available on the eShop, but as we know, Ubisoft is offering a physical starter pack complete with Star Fox content. If you intend to pick up the retail version, keep in mind that there’s a hefty update involved.

We’re hearing that the Starlink pack comes with a 6GB day one update. No word on what’s included, but the file size indicates that significant content is included to make the game run and play as intended.


Child of Light Ultimate Edition can now be found on the Switch eShop. Watch the launch trailer from Ubisoft below.

Ubisoft and Nintendo really jumpstarted their relationship with Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Nintendo lent its most popular character for the Switch game, and after the collaboration went well, it even led to Star Fox representation in Starlink: Battle for Atlas.

Fans are starting to wonder even more about a possible Mario + Rabbids sequel or other collaborations due to some news that is spreading around today. Ubisoft has been sending out emails to certain folks in France that asks about a variety of Mario characters and their opinions of them. These include Daisy, Bowser and Bowser Jr., Waluigi, and more.

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Child of Light Ultimate Edition will be showing up on the Switch eShop tomorrow. Have a look at some footage below.

Ubisoft prepared two more character trailers for Starlink: Battle for Atlas. View videos focusing on Judge and Chase below.