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X Plus

Another 3D platformer joined the Switch library in Super Sami Roll, and we’ve now got a good chunk of gameplay. A video has come through with 16 minutes of footage.

For those that need a refresher on Super Sami Roll, read the following overview:

Back in August, publisher X Plus and developer Sonzai Games announced that the 3D platformer Super Sami Roll would be heading to Switch. The title is now just a few days away. According to an eShop listing, you’ll be able to pick it up next week.

Super Sami Roll does have a story, and it begins with the wicked Albert VII kidnapping Sami’s friend Vera. To save her, players will need to explore the game’s colorful 3D world and uncover secrets by rolling, grappling, and jumping. Various locations are included such as green fields, deserts pyramids, oozing volcanoes, frigid ice lands, and more.

Publisher X Plus and developer Sonzai Games have announced that pixel platformer Bat Boy is coming to Switch. Check out an overview and trailer below.

Smelter footage

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A few days ago, Dangen Entertainment and X Plus released Smelter on Switch. Find some footage of the action-strategy hybrid below.

Smelter is out now on the Switch eShop. Those that are interested in the title can find our previous coverage here.

The action-strategy hybrid Smelter will reach Switch next month, publisher Dangen Entertainment and developer X Plus have announced. A release is set for April 22.

Here’s an overview of Smelter, along with a trailer:

In celebration of TGS 2020 Online, Dangen Entertainment and X Plus have shared a new trailer for Smelter. View a video showing the strategic action-platformer below.

Smelter launches for Switch in Q1 2021.