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Nintendo UK has just posted on YouTube a video showing Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma, who answers some questions about some key elements of the series. Check it out below:

In a recent interview with IGN’s Jose Otero, famed Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma had a few things to say on the process of recreating one of Nintendo 64’s greatest gems for the Nintendo 3DS.

T?o put it as bluntly as I possibly can, remakes kind of hurt. You’ re looking at all the decisions you were making and sometimes you’re saying to yourself, ‘I can’t believe I was thinking about it like that,’ or, ‘Why did I think it was okay to make the user do that in that situation?’

This is something that Mr. Miyamoto made a point of telling me at one time. He said, ‘?you need to look back and learn more from the work you’ve already done, before you go on to making something new.?’ I have to say, that can be a really uncomfortable experience, but I also feel like I learned so much. I’m actually really grateful that I had the opportunity to do something like that at work.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D releases for Nintendo 3DS on February 13th in US and Europe, along with the New Nintendo 3DS.

Remember how Nintendo president Satoru Iwata teased Zelda DLC for Sonic Lost World during a Nintendo Direct presentation in December? Well, now it’s a reality.

Starting tomorrow, Sonic Lost World players on Wii U can download a new Zelda zone for free. You can find footage above and a few details below.

– Available for free
– Called “The Legend of Zelda Zone”
– Mini-adventure
– Departure from the fast pace of Sonic Lost World
– Sonic is decked out in Link’s green tunic
– Hyrule Castle in the background comes from Twilight Princess
– Stalfos are from Ocarina of Time
– Link rides by on a Loftwing from Skyward Sword at one point
– Sonic can explore a miniature dungeon
– Heart containers, other surprises
– Hyrule field is an open area
– Dungeon is more straightforward
– The tube-like design resembles the speedy stages we’ve played in Sonic Lost World
– It all funnels into a few large rooms, and it’s lined with rows of rupees to collect and rolling Gorons to avoid
– Rupees you earn are converted into freed animals at the end of the stage
– No time limitations
– Can run around, explore, complete small challenges in any order
– Rings are noticeably absent and replaced by a heart meter
– Sonic doesn’t wield a Master Sword or Hylian Shield
– Uses same abilities from Lost World


Kotaku recently asked Zelda producer about which Nintendo franchise he’d like to work on next if given the opportunity.

We know one thing: it wouldn’t be Mario.

Aonuma told Kotaku that he’s “not any good at that type of jumping game.”

He was next suggested Pikmin. He believes that if he were to make a new entry in this series, it could turn into Zelda because he feels the two share some parallel idaes.

Here’s the full exchange between Aonuma and Kotaku:

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