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New Nintendo 3DS

Update: Amazon has started discounting some upcoming/new games. This includes Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Paper Mario: Color Splash for $50.99 each. Disney Magical World 2 is now $33.99.

Original: The craziness surrounding Black Friday is mostly over, but there are still notable deals appearing at retailers like Amazon. Highlights include the black and red New 3DS XL for $170 each.

Here’s the full roundup:

New 3DS XL (black) – $170 (save $30)
Wii U Pro Controller – $36.97 (save $13.02) – Prime only
Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE – $41.31 (save $18.68)
Yo-kai Watch 2: Bony Spirits – $33.99 (save $5.97)
Yo-kai Watch 2: Fleshy Souls – $33.14 (save $5.85)
Mario Party 10 + Bowser amiibo – $33.99 (save $6)
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker + Toad amiibo – $33.99 (save $6)
Yoshi’s Woolly World + Pink Yarn Yoshi amiibo – $33.99 (save $6)
Yoshi’s Woolly World + Blue Yarn Yoshi amiibo – $33.99 (save $6)
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker + Toad amiibo – $33.99 (save $6)
PDP Donkey Kong amiibo display – $15.99 (save $4)
Mighty No. 9 – $10.93 (save $9.06)

Also worth noting, Amazon’s HOLIDAYBOOK code still works to receive $10 off a book that’s $25 or more.

Nintendo released the Super Mario Black/White Edition New 3DS this week in celebration of Black Friday and the holiday season. Unboxing videos for both versions can be found below.

Media Create reported that Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon sold 1.591 million copies in its first three days in Japan. Additional information from the sales tracker reveals that Sun sold 808,000 copies while Moon was at 783,000 units.

If you count the Double Pack which also sold 151,000 units (containing two games in each), the overall total is 1.893 million. That puts Pokemon Sun/Moon at the same scale as X/Y, which sold 1.867 million in first week without the Double Pack. Both also have the relatively same sell-through rate of about 80 percent.

Folks are starting to get their hands on the Super Mario Edition New 3DS that hit store shelves today. Find some photos of the black unit below.

Update 2: Walmart is currently out of white. However, the black and white versions are both now live on Best Buy.

Update: The black version is now up on GameStop. White version here.

Original: Walmart is now accepting orders for the Super Mario Black/White Edition New 3DS systems. Get the black version here and white version here. Judging by how things went on Amazon, don’t expect them to stay in stock very long.

Update (11/24): Bumped to the top. The Japanese holiday is over, and the official Media Create data is in (and is now replaced in this post).

Original (11/23): The latest Japanese hardware sales from Media Create are as follows:

New 3DS LL – 81,044
PS4 – 25,605
2DS – 17,769
PS4 Pro – 12,421
Vita – 9,191
New 3DS – 8,193
Wii U – 3,251
PS3 – 625
3DS – 529
Xbox One – 186
3DS LL – 96

For comparison’s sake, here are the hardware numbers from last week:

PS4 – 92,344
New 3DS LL – 20,345
Vita – 10,410
2DS – 7,972
New 3DS – 3,603
Wii U – 2,756
PS3 – 611
3DS – 324
Xbox One – 171
3DS LL – 57

And here are the software charts:

Update: Both are now sold out. Hope some of you got orders in!

Original: Amazon is now taking pre-orders for the New 3DS systems set to launch in North America as part of Black Friday. Reserve the black one here and the white one here. We’ll let you know about early availability at other retailers if anything pops up.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon boot up faster on New 3DS systems compared to original 3DS and 2DS models. But how do they compare during actual gameplay?

In Nintendo Life’s new video, we’re able to see that the New 3DS has just a slight edge when it comes to loading areas. The newer portable also seems to have a bit of an advantage when multiple Pokemon are involved with a battle – specifically Battle Royal. There aren’t major differences and the average player probably wouldn’t be able to detect them, though it’s worth pointing out in any case.

Watch the full video below.

Today, seven new titles were added to the Japanese New 3DS Virtual Console in Japan. Six more are coming next week.

Castlevania, Final Fight 2, Final Fight 3, Mega Man X3, Romancing SaGa, Super Punch-Out!!, and Tactics Ogre are all live on the eShop. Each one costs 823 yen.

Watch trailers for each of these games below.

Coinciding with the release of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, the Pikachu Yellow Edition New 3DS XL has arrived in Japan and Singapore (the latter country has it as a U.S. system). View some photos of the design below.


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