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Pokemon GO players have been experiencing a notable issue over the past few days. When the problem occurs, they are unable to capture a Raid Boss with their last Premier Ball. The Pokemon always breaks free.

Niantic says that a fix is already underway. For now, Pokemon GO is providing an extra Premier Ball in the Bonus Challenge.


Pokemon Duel version 4.0 out now

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The newest version of Pokemon Duel is out and with it comes a lot of new Pokemon including Mega Evolution and Alola Pokemon. The mobile app lists the update as containing the following:

– New rarity UX
– Item allowing you to level up a Pokemon to level 10
– Halls is a new function that has been added to enhance room matches
– Deck cost cap for plates has increased
– New league has been added
– Various bug fixes

A new summoning focus has hit Fire Emblem Heroes that revolves around the next Tempest Trials. This focus includes Gray, Celica, Delthea and Sonya. The focus lasts until August 25th.

The next Tempest Trials will also start August 11th and will feature the above summon characters as bonus characters.

Pokemon GO – Zapdos footage

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Zapdos joined Pokemon GO today as the newest Legendary Pokemon. For a look at it in action, watch the video below.

Zapdos now live in Pokemon GO

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The latest Legendary Pokemon is now live in Pokemon GO. Players should begin to see Zapdos appearing in Raid Battles.

Zapdos is is the final Legendary Bird Pokemon for Pokemon GO from the original trio. Articuno and Moltres were previously live in recent weeks.

You can nab Zapdos in Pokemon GO through August 14.


Fire Emblem Heroes received a new 1.6.0 update last night along with a new Bound Hero Battle with Cecilia and Lilina. Watch some footage of the new content below.

The previously announced update that adds Mega Evolutions to Pokemon Duel is dropping tomorrow. Other than that, further changes include an increase of the maximum value limit for plate costs in battle from 6 to 8 and the ability to join a team for Team Matches. Finally, some figures are getting balance changes:


Shadow Claw: power increased to 130 (up from 110)

Slash replaced by Hex and Will-o-Wisp


Extreme Speed: power increased to 140 (up from 120)


Mist Ball: power increased to 130 (up from 110)

Dragon Breath: power increased to 100 (up from 70)


Luster Purge: power increased to 140 (up from 120)

Dragon Breath: power increased to 100 (up from 70)


Revenge: power increased to 70 (up from 4o)


Tail Slap replaced by Freezing Tail

Dragon Rage and Push Aside: wheel size increased

Miss: wheel size decreased


Sweet Kiss: wheel size increased

Miss: wheel size decreased


The six month anniversary celebration for Fire Emblem Heroes has started, you can login for some extra orbs. Plus a new summoning focus is now available that includes Roy, Cecilia and Lilina. This is the first summon that you will be able to draw one free character without spending any orbs, this focus lasts until August 14th. Finally a new bound hero battle has started featuring Cecilia and Lilina and will also go until the 14th.

Fire Emblem Heroes version 1.6.0 is live

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The newest update is now available for download on Fire Emblem Heroes. The newest update switches silver and bronze summon rates while also allowing players to summon once without using any orbs on all future summon focuses. Other changes include:

-Arena and training towers being easier to train in by providing additional SP and EXP
-New Arena Assault mode
-Catalog of heroes updated to show more details for characters
-Hero merit limit raised

Miitomo has been updated with more content. Users will find returning stages with more items.

“Stealth attack! Ninja Style” is the returning theme. The stages provide the following:

– Ninja hood (set)
– Ninja suit (set)
– Ninja sword
– Shuriken tabi socks
– Lady ninja headband (set)
– Lady ninja suit (set)
– Lady ninja sandals (set)
– Throwing-star pin
– Ninja disguise hood (set)
– Ninja disguise suit (set)
– Ninja kanji tee
– Shuriken tee
– Arabesque print pants

The returning stage will be available until August 8 at 6 PM PT / 9 PM ET.

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