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De Mambo’s June 29 release date isn’t only for Japan. As it turns out, the game is seeing a worldwide launch in all regions for Switch.

The Dangerous Kitchen just tweeted out today’s news:

Switch will be the first platform to have De Mambo’s Survival Mode. The game will be playable at BitSummit in Japan this weekend.


4J Studios is sending out a new update for Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition. The game’s second patch has wrapped up and is now being delivered to players.

The new update updates two issues and adds in a new DLC pack. We’ve included the full patch notes below.

– Fix for false presses of Home and Screenshot buttons reported in Retail
– Fix for Swap AB not functioning with Switch Pro Controllers
– Added Missing Campfire Tales Skin Pack


Activision and Bungie have no plans to make a Switch version of Destiny 2.

IGN asked project lead Mark Noseworthy about the possibility, who initially said Bungie has “no announcements to make about the Switch at this time”. IGN then pressed further and asked if the franchise could eventually end up on Switch.

Noseworthy said in response:

Digital Foundry is back with another in-depth technical analysis. Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition is the focus this time around.

Minecraft does indeed run at 720p on Switch regardless of it being docked or undocked. However, 4J Studios once again confirmed to Digital Foundry that the team is looking into the situation and the game could see an increase to 1080p docked in the future with an update.

Today’s Fire Emblem Heroes update brought us the addition of Lloyd’s Grand Hero Battle and summons. Watch some footage of the latest content below.

Nintendo UK uploaded a brief promo / commercial for Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers under the name “Relive The Legend”. View it below.

You can now download the Disgaea 5 Complete demo on the European eShop. If you have been waiting for this region’s demo then now is your chance to try it out. The demo for North America is already available.

Frozenbyte’s YouTube channel has just shown off Nine Parchments for the Nintendo Switch. The game will be coming sometime in 2017. Check out their announcement video below.


Nintendo’s YouTube has shown off another new Fire Emblem Echoes video, this time it focuses on the season pass for the game. You can check out the short video below.


The Grand Hero Battle against Lloyd is now available in both hard and lunatic difficulty levels. You will gain access to Lloyd on your team after defeating him in combat. The new summoning focus for Lloyd will include 5 star versions of Hinoka, Ninian, Raven and Klein. Both the focus and Grand Hero Battle will be available until May 26.

Also, after the Voting Gauntlet the total achieved score from all teams was 131,700,378,446. As a reward all players will receive 20 orbs, 5000 universal crystals and 5 of each great badge.

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