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Unfortunately, we seem to have a situation on our hands with the HORI Licensed Premium Protective Filter made for Switch. At this point, we’d have to advise against purchasing the accessory.

It may not be entirely universal, but reviews on places such as Amazon are floating around that the protector peels off without prolonged use. Air bubbles are also forming for some. When using the dock in particular, that’s when the issues may begin to surface.

Making the situation even stranger is that HORI’s other, cheaper screen protector for Switch is apparently just fine. If we happen to hear anything about this accessory as well, we’ll let you know. 



Goodbye! BoxBoy! is getting localized, and perhaps sooner than expected. Nintendo UK’s website is currently listing the game for a March 23 release.

As Bye-Bye BoxBoy! has not yet been officially announced for the west and the page leads to a 404 error, this is likely an unintentional leak from Nintendo. However, if it really is coming out in a few weeks though, we should be hearing about it very soon.

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Pre-orders are beginning to open for Ultra Street Fighter II. GameStop has the physical version here while Amazon has the digital version here. We’ll keep you informed about other pre-order options going forward.

GameStop again has the Gray Joy-Con Breath of the Wild Zelda Guide Bundle in stock. This comes with the Switch system, Pro Controller, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and strategy guide. Place an order here if interested.


A neat Easter egg is tucked away inside of the Switch Pro Controller. When moving the right analog stick down, you might see a small bit of text that appears. It’s tough to make out, but the message says: “thx2 allgamefans!”

How neat is that? I have to admit, had this not been brought to my attention, I wouldn’t have noticed it.


Nintendo’s online store has now been updated with a new section for Switch. You’ll find replacement parts and accessories here, including the dock, grip, and more. You can check up on the full selection here.

Thanks to Reid P for the tip.

Earlier today, Asahi Shimbun published a brief interview with Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima about Switch. There were a few interesting excerpts about the system’s price and plans for VR.

Regarding price, Asahi Shimbun brought up how some people feel that Switch is expensive when compared to other gaming systems. However, Kimishima was quick to point out that the features are different, so you can not simply compare them. He thinks those opinions are not necessarily the majority. Nintendo is putting in effort to reduce costs, so the company may be able to consider a price drop in the future.

If you’re not careful, it can be very easy to attach the wrist strap on the Switch Joy-Con the wrong way. You have to make sure that the plus or minus sign on the strap matches up with the Joy-Con unit. Doing it incorrectly could mean that you’ll have some trouble getting the wrist strap off.

In response to potential issues, Nintendo published a Japanese video showing how you can deal with the situation. Nintendo advises you to unlock the lock, hold the strap and front side of the Joy-Con. Then pull the Joy-Con off strongly.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild doesn’t have support for HD Rumble. That being said, series producer Eiji Aonuma is certainly interested in the new force feedback feature Switch provides.

Speaking with Game Informer, Aonuma said that HD Rumble “is something I am keeping in the back of my head” and “would definitely like to visit” at some point in the future. He also brought up how it would work well in something like Skyward Sword – HD remaster, anyone?

Aonuma’s full words:

Digital Foundry is back with yet another technical analysis for Zelda: Breath of the Wild. For the latest video, the game’s two versions are once compared, including their frame rates. Watch the full analysis below.

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