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More 1-2-Switch footage

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Gnarcade has uploaded more footage from 1-2-Switch. Unlike past videos, today’s clip shows what’s happening on-screen while the players try out Quick Draw, Milk, and Ball Count. View the footage below.

Nintendo World Report TV has put on their YouTube channel some new off-screen footage that shows us one of Switch’s launch titles: 1-2-Switch.

Check out the footage and see for yourselves:

Nintendo has opened the North American 1-2-Switch teaser website. You can find it right here. Even though the full site is coming later, there’s actually quite a bit here. It even notes that the title will include over 20 mini-games.


This information comes from Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime…

“We look at every launch uniquely as to what’s the right thing to do for that launch. And I’ve been involved in launches dating back to the Nintendo DS. Each one is a little different. For this launch, what we found is that with the range of software that’s coming–not only available day one but through April and into the summer, and including the holiday timeframe with Super Mario Odyssey–that we wanted to enable the consumer to buy the software they want, to look to get to the most approachable price point we could get to. That led us to a $299 price point, and let the consumer decide what games they want to buy.”

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