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HORI is making a new accessory for the New 2DS XL. Later this month, the Pikachu Premium Protector will be releasing. It features two pieces that will protect your system, highlighted by aspecial gold finish for premium accents.

The Pikachu Premium Protector for the New 2DS XL should be available on November 30. You can pre-order it on Amazon here.

Amazon added in a listing this week for a new officially-licensed Super Mario Odyssey Accessory Set for Switch. It includes a soft pouch, game card case with carabiner, silicone Joy-Con grips, and analog caps.

Amazon is taking pre-orders for the set here. It’s tentatively slated for November 27.

Below are a few photos:

HORI made it known that a Fighting Commander controller would be released with the Super Famicom a few weeks ago. That same controller has been confirmed in North America.

Amazon’s listing shows the the SNES Classic Edition Fighting Commander wireless controller is arriving later this week. It has turbo functions for each button as well as a slow-motion function, plus a six-button layout.

Amazon seemed to open pre-orders early today for a very brief period, but sold out. GameStop does have it here and will apparently begin shipping immediately.

HORI is preparing yet another Switch-branded microSD card for Switch. A 128GB version will be going on sale in Japan next month. Pricing will be set at 14,018 yen.

As many of you know, HORI has released a few other microSD cards for Switch as well. These include 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB options. Perhaps we’ll see a 256GB version next?

When the Super Famicom Mini launches in Japan early next month, HORI will be putting out a special controller. The Fighting Commander controller was popular back in the day, and a new version is being created for the system.

The Fighting Commander for the Super Famicom Mini uses a 2.4GHz frequency automatic switch method so you can leisurely play without having to worry about the cord. It has two levels of Slow Motion Switch. If this Slow switch is set to 1 or 2, it will cause the game to be in a slow motion mode where it will continuously pause. There are also switches to activate Turbo or Hold mode for each of L, R, Y, X, B, and A buttons. It can launch a turbo of 24 presses per second.

The Fighting Commander controller for the Super Famicom Mini will be available on October 6. Pricing is set at 2,678 yen.


Now that it’s been released, HORI’s Real Arcade Pro V Hayabusa Fight Stick for Switch is beginning to appear in the wild. Get a closer look at it in the video below.

When Pokken Tournament originally came to Wii U, HORI produced a unique controller for the game. The company will be giving the same treatment to Pokken Tournament DX, which is on the way to Switch.

The Pokken Tournament DX Pro Pad Wired Controller has been officially licensed by Nintendo and Pokemon, and features a design based on the game’s arcade cabinet controller. It comes fitted with a 9.8 ft cable.

Pre-orders for the controller are open on Amazon here. It launches on Septemebr 22.

HORI will soon be bringing out a new controller for Switch. The HORIPAD Wired Controller features a detachable d-pad adapter, fast-action trigger shoulder buttons, and more.

HORI posted a video on its Japanese Twitter that offers a look at the controller. Take a look at it below.


HORI has another accessory in the pipeline for Switch. Next month, the company will be bringing out the Gaming Headset Air Stereo. It’ll cost 3,542 yen.


HORI has another new accessory lined up for Switch. Today, the company announced an official keyboard set for release in Japan in September. View some photos below.


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