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When Pokken Tournament originally came to Wii U, HORI produced a unique controller for the game. The company will be giving the same treatment to Pokken Tournament DX, which is on the way to Switch.

The Pokken Tournament DX Pro Pad Wired Controller has been officially licensed by Nintendo and Pokemon, and features a design based on the game’s arcade cabinet controller. It comes fitted with a 9.8 ft cable.

Pre-orders for the controller are open on Amazon here. It launches on Septemebr 22.

HORI will soon be bringing out a new controller for Switch. The HORIPAD Wired Controller features a detachable d-pad adapter, fast-action trigger shoulder buttons, and more.

HORI posted a video on its Japanese Twitter that offers a look at the controller. Take a look at it below.


HORI has another accessory in the pipeline for Switch. Next month, the company will be bringing out the Gaming Headset Air Stereo. It’ll cost 3,542 yen.


HORI has another new accessory lined up for Switch. Today, the company announced an official keyboard set for release in Japan in September. View some photos below.


HORI has a whole bunch of accessories on the way for Switch. We previously reported on some goodies featuring Splatoon 2. HORI is also preparing a fight pad and its own wired controller with a detachable d-pad.

If that wasn’t enough, Amazon shows even more HORI accessories for Switch. Mario Analog Caps will help protect your Joy-Con while offering increased accuracy and comfort. Additionally, you’ll be able to pick up Joy-Con wheels with different designs for Mario and Luigi as a Mario Kart 8 Deluxe tie-in.

HORI officially announced its fight stick for Switch back in March. At the time though, the news only pertained to Japan.

A new listing on Amazon reveals that the Real Arcade Pro V Hayabusa Fight Stick will also be sold in North America. Though it may change, the current release date is July 31. Pre-orders are open on Amazon here.

HORi is also preparing its HORIPAD Wired Controller. It’s unique in that it comes with a detachable d-pad adapter. Amazon also has this one up here with a tentative July 31 release date.

HORI intends to ship several Splatoon 2-themed Switch accessories for the game’s big launch next month. Listings on Amazon show pouches, a “Splat Pack”, and a “Deluxe Splat Pack with Squid Trigger Grip”.

The pouches are pretty much what you’d expect. As for the Splat Pack, HORI is also putting in a pouch plus a game case with clip and two Splatoon 2 Analog Caps. We don’t have an image yet for the Deluxe Splat Pack yet, but it features the same items as the standard version as well as a “Squid Trigger Grip” that “adds mechanical triggers for more accurate splats”.

We’ve included photos of HORI’s Splatoon 2 Switch accessories below. You can order each of them here.

Today, Nintendo revealed via the official Splatoon Twitter account that a Splatoon-themed headset for the Switch will be released in Japan. Manufactured by video game accessory giant HORI, the headset will allow you to more easily use voice chat in Splatoon 2 (and other supported Switch games) via Nintendo’s smart phone app.

The headset comes with an adapter which you have to connect to both your smartphone and your Switch, which results in better quality audio input and output compared to a setup where you’re just using your smartphone and no headset. The headset will be released on July 21st for a price of 3480 Yen.


Accessory maker HORI has revealed the release dates for two major additions to its Switch line-up: both the Pro Controller and the arcade stick will be released in July this year.

The arcade stick is pretty standard fare and will cost 16,178 Yen. The Pro Controller, which will cost 3,218 Yen, is a bit more interesting. It’s quite a bit cheaper than the official Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, but that comes at the cost of losing some key features, such as the gyro sensor, HD rumble and the NFC scanner. It’s also not a wireless controller. However, one notable feature is its d-pad. You will have the ability to choose between a traditional d-pad and four separate directional buttons, like on the Joy-Con. The one you’re not using can be detached and stored on the back of the controller.


Unfortunately, we seem to have a situation on our hands with the HORI Licensed Premium Protective Filter made for Switch. At this point, we’d have to advise against purchasing the accessory.

It may not be entirely universal, but reviews on places such as Amazon are floating around that the protector peels off without prolonged use. Air bubbles are also forming for some. When using the dock in particular, that’s when the issues may begin to surface.

Making the situation even stranger is that HORI’s other, cheaper screen protector for Switch is apparently just fine. If we happen to hear anything about this accessory as well, we’ll let you know. 


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