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Siliconera caught up with Harvest Moon: Skytree Village producer Taka Maekawa to chat about the 3DS game. The full interview is located here, but there are a few excerpts worth highlighting.

Regarding feedback from Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley used to improve Skytree Village, Maekawa said:

“We have some loyal and dedicated fans that have been playing Harvest Moon for years and years, so we truly value the feedback we get. It’s hard to narrow down what we are most proud of to just one thing, since there are tons of new features and improvements. We tweaked, improved, and added to all sorts of areas in Harvest Moon: Skytree Village. Such as redesigning the UI menu, making the character controls more responsive, adding a rich and robust story, and new character designs and models. And let’s not forget about the new addition of the Poitou Donkey! There’s just too many features we’re proud of to just pick one.”

Maekawa also shared the following about secrets within the game:

“Fundamentally, all Harvest Moon games are repetitive by nature, so it is extremely important to have a variety of things in the game that keep it new and fresh to drive you to keep playing and moving forward. So, yes, there are all sorts of secrets in the game, some big, some small. I would tell you what they are, but that would ruin the surprise!”

Another Harvest Moon game in the pipeline is Seeds of Memories. It’s out on mobile, but the Wii U and PC versions are still not available. Regarding these releases, Maekawa said: “We hope to be able to talk about them as things become more final!”


Now that Harvest Moon: Skytree Village is out in North America, we have a good look at the game. View 30 minutes of gameplay below.

Natsume has shared another official Harvest Moon: Skytree Village video, this time showing the terraforming feature. View it below.

Harvest Moon: Skytree Village will be available in just a few days, and now some new off-screen footage has emerged. View the gameplay below.

Natsume sold out of its River City: Tokyo Rumble stock soon after launch. This was the special version of the game that includes the keychain.

Thankfully, it won’t be much longer until Natsume has more units available. The company recently wrote on its forums that a restock is expected around the second week in November. We’ll let you know when we see it return.


Natsume uploaded a new video today to show off some early gameplay from Harvest Moon: Skytree Village. Check out 10 minutes of footage below.

Natsume has announced that Harvest Moon: Skytree Village will launch in North America on November 8. In Europe, Rising Star Games will publish the 3DS title next spring.

Get a look at a new Harvest Moon: Skytree Village trailer below.

Find some information, screenshots, and art about the bachelorettes of Harvest Moon: Skytree Village below.

Natsume recently published River City: Tokyo Rumble, the localized version of Arc System Works’ Japanese 3DS release. TinyCartridge spoke with US producer Taka Maekawa about the western edition.

Regarding Natsume’s approach to localization, Maekawa explained:

“A lot of factors went into how we approached the localization. Times have changed – in the 1980s, games were still being strictly Americanized when brought over to a Western audience. So when the NES game came out, the idea of putting Kunio and Riki into t-shirts and jeans and giving them English names (Alex and Ryan) made a lot of sense.”

“We approached most things situationally; did it make sense to retain the original translation, or go in a new direction? For example, the game heavily relies on its environment (Tokyo) to set the story’s theme and tone, and we wanted to retain that theme. So we decided to maintain Japanese names whenever it made sense to do so – being set in Tokyo, with many of the characters wearing their school uniforms, Japanese character names and locations made the most sense.”

Natsume kept the “River City” name in place to tie it into the American version of the series. However, the game’s primary action is in Tokyo, which is where the “Tokyo Rumble” subtitle comes in. The team explored other potential subtitles such as Bad Blood, Tokyo Brawl, Street Gangs, The Lion Alliance, along with “a few other combinations of word soup before we hit upon Tokyo Rumble and it stuck.”


Yesterday, River City: Tokyo Rumble went up on Natsume’s Amazon store. This was the special physical version that’s packed with a keychain. It actually sold out already, but Natsume is working on a restock as soon as possible. A specific date hasn’t been determined, but it’ll be up on Amazon here as soon as more copies are in.

It’s good news for the publisher, as sales have “well exceeded what we thought the demand would be for physical copies.” Natsume apologized to those who aren’t able to purchase a copy, but you should keep an eye on that Amazon page for the restock.

Here’s the news from Natsume:

Two new 3DS games are out today at retail: River City: Tokyo Rumble and Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice. If you’re not interested in the physical versions, going digital on the eShop is an option.

River City: Tokyo Rumble takes up 1,263 blocks (157.875 MB). Meanwhile, Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice requires 13,268 (1,658.5 MB) blocks.

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