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Psyonix has released a launch trailer for Rocket League on Switch. We have the video below, with the full game coming on November 14.

Update: You can pre-load Doom on the North American Switch eShop now as well.

Original: Pre-loading on the Switch eShop is beginning to become more and more common. The latest game to have made this option available is Doom, which arrives later this week. Switch owners in Europe can begin pre-loading Doom now.

On another note, we also have an update on the file size. It was sitting at around 13.4GB. Now, however, it’s at 21.3GB. That likely means multiplayer will be built in rather than a separate download, despite what was thought last week.

Thanks to Matthew M for the tip.

Source: Switch eShop

Panic Button is leading the way on some big third-party ports for Switch. The studio was first assigned with the task of putting Rocket League on the platform, and is also working on Bethesda for the Doom port.

Speaking with GamesRadar, Panic Button’s Adam Creighton said that for Doom, the scalable technology made the port “more straightforward than maybe it could have been.” However, it was also “wicked hard”.

Creighton told the site:

Update: Nintendo World Report clarified that the motion controls aren’t for gyro aiming. Instead, you can shake the right Joy-Con to do melee attacks or Glory Kills. The setting only seems to appear if you’re playing with the Joy-Con.

Original: Bethesda originally said that Doom wouldn’t have motion controls on Switch. Perhaps the publisher had a change of heart, as new evidence indicates that the feature is in the game after all.

In a now-removed video, the settings menu for Doom on Switch was shown. Before it was taken down, a screenshot was snapped that clearly shows an option for motion controls. It wouldn’t make much sense for it to be there if the functionality wasn’t planned, right? We’ll have to see how this plays out, but things are looking good for motion controls with Doom on Switch.

Thanks to Matthew M for the tip.


First announced during the latest Nintendo Direct, Doom now has a release date on Switch. We previously knew that the game would be arriving sometime this holiday, but Nintendo has shared a concrete date. We can expect it on November 10.

Nintendo just tweeted out the news:

Here’s a new video with direct-feed footage sprinkled throughout:

We’ve seen footage of Doom running on Switch, but only with off-screen videos. Fortunately, some screenshots have appeared giving us a clear look in direct-feed. Take a look at the images below.

Thanks to Jake for the tip.


Another 15 minutes of footage is in showing Doom on Switch in fairly decent visual / audio quality. See the latest video below.

The first hands-on impressions for Doom on Switch were reported yesterday. One of the things we heard is that the performance is 30 frames per second.

Just in case you had any doubt, Bethesda has confirmed that the FPS count is correct. Rolling Stone obtained the following statement from the publisher:

We have a little more information about the technical performance of Doom on Switch. Polygon, who went hands-on with the game, reports that it runs at 30 frames per second. In case you’re curious, Doom is 60 frames per second on other consoles.

The site does add that “the frame rate dipped considerably” during parts of the first level. While it usually recovered, it stayed low during one occasion. But a spokesperson told Polygon that Doom is still being optimized for Switch, so hopefully everything will be cleaned up before the holiday launch.


Much in the way that Tantalus became associated with Wii U ports back in the day, Panic Button is helping to bring prominent games to Switch. Digital Foundry confirms that the studio is porting two high-profile games to Nintendo’s console. Panic Button is leading the way on both Rocket League and Doom for Switch. Psyonix and Bethesda are very much involved with the two titles respectively, but it sounds like Panic Button is primarily in charge.


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