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During last week’s Nintendo Spotlight presentation at E3, Nintendo revealed two big projects for Switch. Metroid Prime 4 and a new core Pokemon game were announced for the platform.

Neither game was given any sort of release window. They’re definitely not 2017 titles – especially Pokemon, which will likely take more than a year to arrive. Yet Nintendo of America corporate communications director Charlie Scibetta has indicated that Pokemon as well as Metroid Prime 4 could be out on Switch next year.

Speaking about providing a consistent lineup of games on Switch, Scibetta noted:

Some fans were a bit disappointed with this month’s Pokemon Direct due to a lack of news regarding a mainline Pokemon title for Switch. During E3 this week though, Nintendo remedied that. Nothing was shown, but during the Nintendo Spotlight broadcast, Pokemon president Tsunekazu Ishihara announced that Game Freak has started work on a core title for Switch.

Bloomberg asked Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime about the project following the presentation. He naturally didn’t have much to say, though he did note that it’s “a traditional find, battle, train type experience”.

While you wait for the first true Pokemon game for Switch, Pokken Tournament DX launches on September 22. Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon are also due out on November 17.


A new piece of art is now being distributed for Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You! We’ve included it above.


The Pokémon Company has revealed a stunning projection based art installation created alongside fashion designer Yoshio Kubo.

The fascinating installation uses a range of different sized mirrored pyramids and projections of the culturally iconic Pikachu and PokéBall, with the aim of demonstrating the various stages of fashion creation.

The beautiful Pokémon installation was premiered to the attendees of Yoshio Kubo’s catwalk presentation, as well as being on show to the general public who also had the chance to view the installation as part of Pitti Immagine Uomo.

This installation is the first time that The Pokémon Company has had a presence at such a high profile fashion event. After the success of the installation, The Pokémon Company is continuing to seek further partners to collaborate with in the fashion space.

Source: Pokemon PR

E3 2017 is only a week away, but it already feels like the festivities have started. Today’s Pokemon Direct can be partially attributed to that since we should be getting some big news about the franchise very soon.

No live blog for this one due to how short it is, but you can watch the Pokemon Direct as it happens below in an hour from now (7 AM PT / 10 AM ET / 3 PM in the UK / 4 PM in Europe). Although it’ll only be eight minutes long, similar presentations focusing on the series have been equally short. We’ll put up any breaking news on the site right as it happens.

A special Pokemon Direct will be hosted tomorrow, it’s been announced. The broadcast will be rather short in length lasting eight minutes.

You can watch tomorrow’s Pokemon Direct at the following times:

– 7 AM PT
– 10 AM ET
– 3 PM in the UK
– 4 PM in Europe


Starting today, the online exclusive Squirtle set is available for purchase at buildabear.com and buildabear.co.uk. Additionally the Ultra Ball Hoodie and Make-Your-Own Squirtle plush can be purchased separately at all U.S., U.K. and Canada Build-A-Bear Workshop stores.

Eevee is also back at Build-A-Bear Workshop. You can purchase the item once more at either buildabear.com and buildabear.co.uk. And just like Squirtle, the Make-Your-Own Eevee plush, and Poke Ball Sleeper, are available separately in U.S., U.K. and Canada stores.

A recent article from Serkan Toto has just reported that the Pokemon Company has disclosed their financials from over the past five years. During this past year. their sales profit has gone up by 26 times then the previous fiscal year.

Here is The Pokemon Company’s net profit for the last five years (all past fiscals ended on the last day of February):

  • 15th fiscal (for the year that ended on February 28, 2013): US$16.6 million
  • 16th fiscal: US$10.6 million
  • 17th fiscal: US$18.4 million
  • 18th fiscal: US$5.6 million
  • 19th fiscal: US$143.3 million

It is most likely that the jump in sales have to do with the releases of Pokemon GO and Pokemon Sun & Moon from last year. Overall, it is amazing how big their profit blew up from last year compared to the year before that.


VIZ Media has a new book on the way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Pokemon Adventures manga series. On August 9, fans can pick up The Art of Pokemon Adventures.

Amazon offers up the following description of the book:

“Artwork, sketches and a brand-new manga short story from the artist of the Pokémon Adventures series inspired by the best-selling Pokémon video games!

A collection of beautiful full-color art from the Pokémon Adventures graphic novel series! In addition to full-color illustrations of your favorite Pokémon, this vibrant volume also includes exclusive sketches and storyboards, four pull-out posters and a brand-new manga side story published in English for the first time!”

You can pre-order The Art of Pokemon Adventures and save over $8 via Amazon here. It’s also up on Amazon Canada and Amazon UK.

A new Pokemon plushie is joining the Build-A-Bear Workshop. Following Pikachu, Eevee, and Charmander, Squirtle will soon be offered as well.

Build-A-Bear Workshop will be launching an online exclusive Pokemon Squirtle set on June 1. It’ll feature a 14″ Squirtle plush, 6-in-1 Squirtle Sound, Poke Ball Slicker, Ultra Ball Hoodie, and an exclusive Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) card. The Ultra Ball Hoodie and Make-Your-Own Squirtle plush can also be purchased separately at all U.S., U.K. and Canada stores on the same day. Note that the Poke Ball Slicker and 6-in-1 Squirtle Sound will only be available as part of the online exclusive set.

Pricing information is as follows:

· Online Exclusive Pokemon Squirtle Set (includes plush, a 6-in-1 Squirtle Sound, Poke Ball Slicker, Ultra Ball Hoodie and the Build-A-Bear Workshop Exclusive Pokemon TCG card): $60, plus tax
· Make-Your-Own Pokemon Squirtle plush: $28, plus tax, sold separately at Build-A-Bear Workshop stores and as part of the online exclusive set; includes a Build-A-Bear Workshop Exclusive Pokemon TCG card
· Ultra Ball Hoodie: $10.50, plus tax, sold separately at Build-A-Bear Workshop stores and as part of the online exclusive set

Here are some additional photos:

Source: Build-A-Bear PR

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