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The Pokemon Company has issued a new trailer for Pokemon the Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution. Have a look at the video below.

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Following its run in theaters, Pokemon Detective Pikachu will soon be more widely available through other platforms. It was announced today that the film will be distributed digitally on July 23. Then on August 6, the Blu-ray will be releasing.

Amazon is taking pre-orders for the Blu-ray here. Best Buy also has an exclusive version here.

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Detective Pikachu concept artist RJ Palmer has given a new behind-the-scenes look at the film. On Twitter, Palmer shared art of an earlier version of the Charizard fight scene. As part of that, we have a look at how Garbador could have appeared in the movie.

It might be tough to spot Garbador in the art above, so we have a close-up in the gallery below. A few other close-ups of other Pokemon are included.

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What would a gritty version of Pokemon look like? How about if it were created by Adi Shankar, who is in charge of the Castlevania anniversary series on Netflix. We now have answers to both of those questions.

“The End of Pokemon” was published on YouTube today, which is a part of Shankar’s “Bootleg Universe”. Watch the video below for his take on a very different direction the franchise could go in.



Pokemon Detective Pikachu took home another $755,000 on Monday. Although it saw a 66% drop from Sunday and 80% from last Monday, the film is now at $131.645 million. With that, Pokemon Detective Pikachu is now the biggest-grossing video game movie ever in North America.

Tomb Raider previously held that record for 18 years. The movie earned had an unadjusted total of $131.2 million.

Pokemon Detective Pikachu is sitting at a global total of $393.4 million. Given how close it is, the film will be the third video game movie to pass $400 million worldwide, alongside Rampage and Warcraft.


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The Japanese government’s Official Gazette has provided information on The Pokemon Company’s latest financial results.

For the year ending February 28, net profit rose to $124 million. That provided a 50% increase year-over-year and is the second highest net profit ever for the company. In 2018, net profit came in at roughly $81 million.

This year’s results account for both Pokemon GO and Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu / Eevee. Next year should include Pokemon Sword/Shield and licensing contributions from Pokemon Detective Pikachu.

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The Pokemon Company has passed along an official announcement recapping all of the news from the Pokemon Press Conference 2019. It covers news about Pokemon Home, Pokemon Sleep, Pokemon Masters, the new Detective Pikachu title for Switch, and more.

Here’s the full press release:

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Today’s Pokemon 2019 Press Conference will be kicking off not too long from now. The festivities begin at 6 PM PT / 9 PM ET / 2 AM in the UK / 3 AM in Europe.

It’s unclear what exactly will be discussed during the conference. Other than the fact that it will feature “a number of topics of interest to Pokémon fans”, nothing else is known at this time. Regardless, you can keep track of the event with the live stream and our live blog below.

While we mentioned this slightly in our Pokemon Direct post, we wanted to make a separate note of a Pokemon press conference (also known as the Pokemon Business Strategy presentation) taking place on May 28 / May 29. We’ve received an English press notice about the event from The Pokemon Company, so that indicates it’ll be rather noteworthy. According to The Pokemon Company, it will “cover a number of topics of interest to Pokemon fans.”

You can watch the conference at the following times:

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Pokemon Detective Pikachu writers Dan Hernandez and Benji Samit have revealed two more creatures that were scrapped from the film. Golbat and Gardevoir were close to appearing, but were scrapped in the end.

Hernandez first mentioned the following about Golbat while speaking with

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