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Pokemon Presents February 2022

A new Pokemon Presents presentation will air on February 27, 2022, it’s been announced. The video should last about 14 minutes.

The presentation will air at the following times:

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Pokemon Evolutions episode 8

Episode 8 for Pokemon Evolutions, which happens to be the final part of the anime mini series, is now available. This one is titled “The Discovery”.

We’re going back to the region that started it all as today’s episode is all about Kanto. As teased in the official description: “Did you hear the rumor? What might be the most powerful Pokémon ever has been discovered in Kanto! Green has begun her search for this elusive Pokemon… but she’s not the only one racing to catch it! Join the quest in the thrilling finale of Pokémon Evolutions!”

You can get a look at Pokemon Evolutions episode 8 below.

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Build-A-Bear Glaceon

Build-A-Bear is expanding its Pokemon line once again with a new product, this time for the Ice-type creature Glaceon. It was just added to the company’s site today and consumers can order one for themselves now.

Glaceon comes with a 5-in-1 sound chip, cape, and sleeper. The Pokemon itself is described as “a blast of fresh air with its frosty blue fur, long tail and diamond-shaped ears.”

Pokemon Evolutions episode 7

Episode 7 for Pokemon Evolutions, a new anime mini series, has just gone live from The Pokemon Company. This one is titled “The Show”.

As we continue to go back through the different generations of Pokemon, the latest episode puts the spotlight on Johto. The description teases: “The curtain rises on the Kimono Girls as they perform a tale of Johto’s Legendary Pokemon! Journey to Johto and discover secrets from this historic region in Pokémon Evolutions episode 7!”

We’ve included Pokemon Evolutions episode 7 below.

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Pokemon Evolutions episode 6

The Pokemon Company has released episode 6 for Pokemon Evolutions, a new anime mini series. We now have the video known as “The Wish”.

Hoenn gets the spotlight this time around. The official description of the episode states: “Her whole life, Zinnia was told to put her people’s wishes before her own and to uphold her duty to Hoenn. But when the Legendary Pokémon Rayquaza arrives, will she have what it takes?”

Pokemon Evolutions episode 6 can be viewed below.

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Pokemon Evolutions episode 5

The Pokemon Company has just gone live with episode 5 for Pokemon Evolutions, a new anime mini series. This one is titled “The Rival”.

This time around, the spotlight is put on Sinnoh, which ties in well with the recent launches of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl. The official description mentions: “No matter how fast you run, your rivals are always one step ahead, pushing you to better your skills. Eventually, you’ll have to face your rival in your travels… for Barry, that time has come.”

You can see Pokemon Evolutions episode 5 below.

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pokemon feedback

The Pokemon Company director of consumer marketing JC Smith has spoken about fan feedback and the balance that’s involved with making new games. This comes as part of a new interview conducted by Axios.

Although fans are clear about what they want, Smith indicated that the developers have their own vision, and it’s about “finding that delicate balance throughout.”

Smith said the following about feedback regarding Pokemon:

pokemon evolutions episode 4

Episode 4 has just come in for Pokemon Evolutions, a new anime mini series from The Pokemon Company.

For today’s video, Unova is featured, which is the region for Pokemon Black and White as well as Pokemon Black 2 and White 2. The video teases: “A sinister plot that manipulates both people and Pokémon has been realized! All of Ghetsis’s schemes are falling into place, but what does that mean for the fate of the Unova region?”

We’ve included Pokemon Evolutions episode 4 below.

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pokemon thanksgiving day parade 2021

Pokemon will again have a presence at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, but for the 2021 edition, a new wrinkle is being thrown into the mix as Pikachu will be joined by Eevee. We have a first look at the balloon design above.

Pokemon first appeared in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 2001, and we’ve seen three versions of a Pikachu balloon. With Eevee in 2021, it’s the fourth Pokemon balloon and the first time another creature from the franchise will join the Electric-type Pokemon.

Speaking of today’s news, The Pokemon Company vice president of marketing Colin Palmer said:


Pokemon Evolutions episode 3

The Pokemon Company has gone live with episode 3 for its new anime mini series, Pokemon Evolutions.

As we continue moving backwards through the history of Pokemon titles, we now see that Pokemon X and Y are featured. It highlights Lysandre who is pursuing a dream, even though his goals could put everyone at risk.

Have a look at Pokemon Evolutions episode 3 below. 

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