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Pokemon multiplayer battles

According to Pokemon producer Shigeki Morimoto, the original entries in the series almost left out multiplayer battles.

That news comes from a Japanese Pokedex book from 1996, which was recently translated by Did You Know Gaming. Morimoto mentioned how he thought multiplayer battles “would be a pain to program”. Additionally, Game Freak was running out of time. Nintendo, however, essentially demanded for the feature to be included.

The Pokemon Company have updated their corporate website with their latest sales figures for the year end March 2022. As of that date, they report total sales of over 440 million units of Pokemon-related software, which is an increase of 60 million units when compared to last year’s figures. We know that of these figures, at least 12.64 million copies of Pokemon Legends: Arceus were sold, as well as 14.65 million copies of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl. With the worldwide release of Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet scheduled for November 18 this year, it’s likely that these numbers will only continue to grow.

They also reported over 43.2 billion cards have been produced, an increase of just over 9 billion from the previous year.

This report follows their recent financial earnings reports for the previous year, which show that all of its numbers essentially doubled on the previous year.


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James Turner, best known as the Art Director for Pokemon Sword and Shield, announced the formation of a new game studio, All Possible Futures, and also confirmed that because of this he has left Game Freak.

The Pokemon Company reported its latest financial results today, and it turns out that it was another record year.

Sales were reported at 204 billion yen (about $1.6 billion). Gross revenue stands at 98 billion yen (roughly $700 million). We also know that operating income came in at 59 billion yen (roughly $470 million) while net profit was 41 billion yen (roughly $325 million).

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Build-A-Bear Grookey

Build-A-Bear isn’t slowing down on its Pokemon line, and has now revealed a brand new plushie for Grookey.

The Grass-type Pokemon can be ordered online now. Each plushie includes a 5-in-1 sound chip with cries that the creature is known for, a leaf shirt, and a leaf cape. All of these items are being sold in an online exclusive bundle.

turning red zelda earthbound pokemon

Domee Shi, the director of Pixar / Disney’s Turning Red movie, was able to find some inspiration from some notable Nintendo games like Pokemon.

Growing up, she played Pokemon and Zelda on devices such as the Game Boy Color and DS Lite. Shi was limited to handheld systems as her parents didn’t exactly approve of her hobby. But since they were portable, she could continue playing games by hiding them under her pillow longer than her parents allowed.

Build-A-Bear Leafeon

Build-A-Bear’s support for Pokemon continues, as it’s been revealed today that the brand is coming out with a brand new plushie for Leafeon.

The online bundle contains an exclusive cape, sleeper, and 5-in-1 sound. Leafeon is a Grass-type Pokemon that’s “ready to soak up the sun with its yellow fur, brown paws, leafy tail and large ears.”

Despite it being a weekend, a pretty big Nintendo-related presentation took place today. Pokemon Presents is something we’ve seen previously, but it made a return again for Pokemon Day.

It goes without saying that Pokemon Scarlet / Violet was the biggest announcement of the show, closing out the presentation. Gen 9 is here, and it’s bringing along an open-world with it. We also got a new update for Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Shaymin’s appearance in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond / Shining Pearl, Alola Pokemon for Pokemon GO, and more. You can catch up on all of the news here.

What are your thoughts on the Pokemon Presents video that aired earlier today? How do you feel about Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet thus far? Let us know in the comments below. 

pokemon presents explanation

Pokemon Presents was announced this past Thursday, but in a bit of a low-key manner. While we heard about the presentation thanks to an official website in Japan, there was no prior notice in North America and Europe. However, there was a clear reason for this.

The Pokemon Company passed along a statement saying that the new Pokemon Presents “was unable to be postponed”. At the same time, it chose to “significantly reduce the promotion of the event” in light of “major world events happening at this time and those impacted.” While not stated explicitly, we can assume this is related to the Russian attack on Ukraine.

The full statement reads:


Pokemon Presents live stream February 2022

It’s officially Pokemon Day, and The Pokemon Company is celebrating with a special February 2022 live stream known as Pokemon Presents. Today’s 14-minute presentation will deliver the latest news about the franchise. As a reminder, it will go live at 6 AM PT / 9 AM ET / 2 PM in the UK / 3 PM in Europe.

We’ve included today’s live stream for the February 2022 Pokemon Presents below. Any notable news and announcements will be posted on the site as they’re made known. We’ll have coverage during the event and a bit after as well.

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