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Pokemon GO players will soon be able to download the game’s latest update. Niantic has started rolling out version 1.59.1 on iOS, and version 0.89.1 on Android.

The official patch notes are as follows:

– Resolved a bug that caused the Pokemon collection screen to scroll to the top after evolving, transferring, or renaming a Pokemon.
– Added the ability to sort the Pokedex by region.
– Improved incubator sorting order when selecting an incubator.
– Improved the way Pokemon scale throughout the app.
– Various bug fixes and performance updates.


A new patch for Battle Chef Brigade has gone live on Switch. The update implements bug fixes as well as general improvements. With it, the Switch and Steam versions now match.

You can find the full patch notes below. Adjustments have been made to gameplay, difficulty, the Daily Cook-Offs, and more.

As promised, Nintendo has issued the latest update for Splatoon 2. You can now download version 2.2.0.

A bunch of different changes have been implemented in multiplayer, Salmon Run, and more. For the full patch notes, continue on below.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s latest update is here. Nintendo issued a new 1.1.3 patch today. It’s a fairly minor one, as adjustments have been made to the second half of the Rover’s Garden Safari event.

Nintendo is also working on a more substantial update for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. This will add campsite terrain customization, rug spots, and custom outfits for your Animal friends plus improvements to the Shovelstrike Quarry and Market Box. Nintendo is also introducing changes for the Gardening feature as well as new fish and bugs.

Source: iOS / Andorid

In Japan, Gust has announced a ton of DLC for Atelier Lydie & Suelle: Alchemists of the Mysterious Painting. Players will be able to purchase content featuring music from other Atelier games, a collaboration with Nights of Azure 2, a boss battle against Sophie, and more.

Coinciding with the DLC news, a 1.01 update has been issued. This increases the level cap and more.

You can find a full recap of the new update and all upcoming DLC below.

Nintendo sent out a new update for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp earlier in the week. According to the official patch notes, bug fixes were implemented. It was a clear sign that the update was small in nature.

The update also makes a change that is small, yet still interesting. In version 1.1.2, the Isabelle kite model was altered. It was previously right over left before, but now shows the correct left over right folding. The original way is only used when dressing the dead for burial, and is considered to be very bad luck. Nintendo obviously noticed the error and quickly made the fix.


Yesterday, Nintendo announced that a new update is planned for Splatoon 2 next week. Version 2.2.0 will begin distribution on January 16 in North America / January 17 in Europe.

Nintendo now has the patch notes published in English. A bunch of different changes are planned for multiplayer (including weapons), Salmon Run, and more.

Continue on below for the full patch notes.

Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Overdrive has been updated on Switch. As far as we know, it’s rather small in nature. 5pb. issued the update to address a few bugs.

You can purchase Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Overdrive on the Switch eShop. It’s a cooperative action game featuring different characters from the series. You can defeat enemies to raise your characters’ levels and assign skills to your liking.


Poly Bridge has been updated once again on Switch. Version 1.1.0 is out now, making adjustments to the control scheme.

Due to player feedback, the gyroscope pointer implementation has been scrapped entirely. You can now play the game using the following:

– Dual Joy-cons using the thumb sticks (either attached or detached)
– Pro Controller
– Touchscreen

You can also switch seamlessly between using the touchscreen and the thumb sticks.


2K Sports has released the latest update for NBA 2K18 on Switch, bringing the game up to version 1.07. Full patch notes can be found below.

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