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The first round of the Wyvern Riders vs. Pegasus Knights Voting Gauntlet in Fire Emblem Heroes has ended, and the second round has begun. Hinoka, Cherche, Palla, and Beruka have all been knocked out. Camilla will face Cordelia, and Minerva will face Subaki. If your pick was knocked out, you may keep participating but must select a new character. If your pick is still in, you may not change character.

Also, there is a special log-in bonus for the recent Quiz. Players will receive 10 Orbs and 5,000 Hero Feathers upon log-in.

Pokemon Sun and Moon players can pick up a few Mega Stones through the online Mystery Gift. By using the code INTIMIDATE on the in-game Mystery Gift section, players can get Mawilite, Beedrillite, Audinite, and Medichamite. There will be a similar distribution next month for Pidgeotite and Steelixite.


Update: Bumped to the top. This has been price-matched on Amazon.

Original: Super Bomberman R is on sale online from Best Buy. You can buy the game here for $39.99 on their Deal of the Day.

The latest Voting Gauntlet, Wyvern Riders vs. Pegasus Knights, is now live in Fire Emblem Heroes. The first round will end at 12 AM EST on April 7.

Update: These changes are also live now in Pokemon Shuffle on 3DS.

Original: Pokemon Shuffle Mobile has upgraded to version 1.10. The new version includes changes that have already hit the 3DS version, such as Alola Pokemon being added. The game will also remember the last Pokemon you used for a stage and let you re-attempt the stage with that lineup.
It also includes some balance changes that are currently Mobile exclusive. Head past the break for these changes, via Serebii:

A new Voting Gauntlet for Fire Emblem Heroes will be starting on April 5, and it will feature, as expected, Wyvern Riders vs. Pegasus Riders. The Gauntlet will run until April 10. Team Wyvern Riders is represented by Cherche, Camilla, Beruka, and Minerva, while the Pegasus Knights are Hinoka, Subaki, Cordelia, and Palla. For the most part, the rules are the same as the last Voting Gauntlet. The only changes are that there will be different Special Quests starting on the second and final voting rounds, and the reward amounts will also be different.

Furthermore, there are two new Summoning Focus that are running now. The Wyvern Riders focus features a higher chance of rolling 5-star versions of the Wyvern Rider representatives, while the Pegasus Knights Focus is the same for the Pegasus Knights. Both of these will run until April 11.

The Gold Goombas Mega event has returned to Super Mario Run. Players will be able to earn special prizes by bouncing off Gold Goombas and earning stamps. The event will run until April 13.

Fire Emblem Heroes’ Spring Festival event is now live. You’ll be able to get Spring Exalt Lucina, Spring Exalt Chrom, Spring Princess Camille, and Spring Prince Xander in a new Focus, which runs until April 14. The information notes that these four are only available as part of the Spring Event, and that they may not be available (unlike other Heroes that have been added). There are also three new Paralogue maps, each with the three difficulty levels, and special Quests for the event. The Quests will also run until April 14.

A 14.2 MB download is required for the extra data.

Pokemon Sun and Moon started its fifth Global Mission yesterday, tasking players with hatching eggs, and players have already hatched the requisite amount. In fact, players have hatched over 400,000 eggs, which accomplishes a secondary goal of the event. The event ends on April 10, so if you haven’t participated, you can dive in to get an easy 2000 FC.


New challenges are now live in Pokémon Shuffle and Pokémon Shuffle Mobile, highlighted with a Meloetta competitive stage. Here’s the rundown of what’s taking place:

  • 10 Raise Max Level, 5 Mega Speedup, 1 Skill Swapper: Top 100 EU/JP
  • 8 Raise Max Level, 4 Mega Speedup, 1 Skill Swapper: Top 300 EU/JP
  • 6 Raise Max Level, 3 Mega Speedup, 1 Skill Swapper: Top 500 EU/JP
  • 4 Raise Max Level, 2 Mega Speedup, 1 Skill Swapper: Top 900 EU/JP
  • 2 Raise Max Level, 2 Mega Speedup, 1 Skill Swapper: Top 1,800 EU/JP
  • 1 Raise Max Level, 1 Mega Speedup, 1 Skill Swapper: Top 3,600 EU/JP
  • 1 Mega Speedup, 1 Skill Booster M, 1 Skill Swapper: Top 5,400 EU/ JP
  • 1 Mega Speedup, 1 Disruption Delay, 1 Skill Swapper: Top 7,200 EU/JP
  • 1 Attack Power, 1 Skill Swapper: Top 9,000 EU/JP
  • 1 Attack Power, 1 Disruption Delay: Top 13,000 EU/JP
  • 1 Attack Power: All other players
  • There are also new stages for Escavalier, Accelgor, Genesect, Wobuffet (Female), and Keldeo (Resolute Form), as well as a repeat run for Tornadus (Incarnate Form). The Keldeo battle is an escalation battle that will run until April 11, while all the others will run until April 4. The Tornadus stage can only be played once a day.


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