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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has received another brand new update adding 5 more new animals to the game. The new animals that you can find in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp are Margie, Bill, Curt, Gladys and Drago.

The “Host the Most” also returns which features new Timed Goals to complete. As usual, you have to host as many animal friends in your game to complete the goals. Your friendship with animals will also grow more quickly while these Timed Goals are active. This “Host the Most” event will be available until March 13th.

God Wars: The Complete Legend officially now has a release date in Japan. The game will launch both physically and digitally for Switch, and other systems on June 14 in Japan and will cost 5,980 yen. The game will also come with a Limited Edition which we have the details from Gematsu.

A 7,980 yen limited edition will also be available, which includes the following:

  • Outer Box – An outer box with designs of Takeyasu Sawaki’s monster illustrations.
  • Japanese Mythology Guidebook – A 200-page guidebook filled with elements that make up the God Wars series, including artwork, scenarios, and messages from the developers
  • .>Soundtrack – A soundtrack with 20 songs from composer Nitta Takashi, including the previous title’s theme song, “Toki o Koete” sung by Fuyumi Sakamoto, as well as the main theme, battle background music, main character image songs, and more. The new theme song for God Wars: The Complete Legend is also featured.

  • Kaguya, Sakuya, and Iwanaga Brush-Written Charms – Special charms with “prayers” written by Saori Hayami, Haruka Yoshimura, and Hyo-sei, who play the three goddesses Kaguya, Sakuya, and Iwanaga.
  • God Wars Dai Kanshasai Application Ticket – A ticket to apply to attend the God Wars Dai Kanshasai fan event that will be held in the Tokyo Metropolitan area on July 14. The event will feature Orihime voice actress Yuu Serizawa, as well as God Wars PR ambassadors Moa Tsukino and Shou Karino, and more wonderful guests. New information about the God War series may also even be announced!
  • Early purchases for either edition of the game will include ema straps featuring illustrations Orihime and Kame. Included with the straps is a download code to get strong equipment useful in the beginning of the game. The straps and equipment differ per version:

  • Switch Version
  • Orihime Ema Strap
  • “Orihime Good-Luck Charm Set” Product Code – Includes “Crane Short Sword,” “Crane Hagoromo,” and “Crane Treasure”
  • In North America and Europe, NIS America will release God Wars: The Complete Legend for Switch both physically and digitally this fall.

    The developers who are working on the Switch version of Minecraft held a recent live stream on Twitch. The team received a question about if they would add gyro-aiming to the game. The team’s response was at this time there are no plans to work on it. However, they did say that it was a “great suggestion that they will look into in the future”. According to the team, they “love when games like Splatoon 2 have it”.

    Source, Via

    A new Legendary Summoning Focus is now live. It features 5 star versions of Ephraim, Jaffar, Gaius, Corrin, Leo, Ike, Olivia, Dorcas, Mia, Shiro, Gunnthrá, and Ike. More details in this post. This summoning focus will be available until March 5th.

    There is also a new Paralogue Story available called “Xenologue 3: Hero The World Demands” and you can get a 5 star version of Ike, the Vanguard Legend for clearing it.

    A new Animal is now available in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. The new animal is Celeste but you first need to craft Celeste’s Telescope in order for her to appear in your campsite. This item will be available until April 29th and will cost you 350 Leaf Tickets in order to craft the telescope.

    A new summoning focus and Story Chapter are now live in Fire Emblem Heroes. The new summoning focus is called “Fallen Heroes” and it feature evil 5 star versions of Robin, Hardin, and Celica. The Fallen Heroes summoning focus will be available until March 9th.

    Earlier today we wrote a post that the Luigi’s Balloon World update for Super Mario Odyssey would be out later this week. Well wait no longer because it is out now to download!

    Below we have also included the patch notes that Nintendo put out on the new Super Mario Odyssey update.

    Fire Emblem Heroes is continuing its celebration of the tie in event for Fire Emblem Warriors Shadow Dragon DLC Pack. Special Maps: Shadow Dragon Part 3 are live right now and will be available until March 8th like the other maps.

    Last week we posted that Nintendo updated Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp with Version 1.2.0 and with the patch notes which you can click here to read.

    The good news now is that Camp Terrain Customisation is now available in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and you can start right now. However, the only thing required to use this new feature is that you have to be at least Level 13 in the game which shouldn’t really take long for those who started the game recently.

    New Special Maps are now available in Fire Emblem Heroes. The new maps are a tie in event for the Shadow Dragon Part 1 for Fire Emblem Warriors. Beating these maps will earn you some orbs and other rewards.

    The Shadow Dragon Part 1 maps will be available until March 8th.

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