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Smash Bros. movie

Cinematic universes and connecting characters is a big part of the movie industry, but we’ve seen to see Nintendo tackle the idea with something like Super Smash Bros., which is a gaming franchise famous for its crossovers. However, there is at least one notable director out there with experience who would like to give it a shot.

Jeff Fowler is just coming off the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 film which he directed. In an interview with Comicbook, he was asked about giving Smash Bros. the movie treatment. Here’s what he said in response:

LEGO Peach

LEGO Peach was revealed for LEGO Super Mario last month, and Nintendo has now followed up with a first look at the product in a video that just went live.

LEGO Peach features her recognizable voice and sound effects. When players purchase the character’s Starter Course, they can earn digital coins and discover reactions by helping the princess ride the swing set and open gifts, while defeating enemies like Lemmy and a Lava Bubble, or befriending a Yellow Toad. Peach, Mario, and Luigi figures can also connect with one another via Bluetooth (two at a time). This lets players greet each other, celebrate, and team up to defeat enemies. By working with a friend, you can earn more coins.

A new Nintendo Monthly Rewind video has gone up for March 2022. It goes over the new Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Course Pass DLC, launches of Kirby and the Forgotten Land and Triangle Strategy, and more.

Here’s the full video:

Last week was surprisingly noteworthy in terms of  industry-wide gaming news; not only was the sequel to the The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild delayed all the way into spring of next year, this summer’s biggest gaming event – E3 2022 – was cancelled entirely. Join your hosts Nick, Nicolas, Dennis and Luiz as they break down these topics and more in Episode 2 of Nintendo Everything Refresh, a brand new weekly news and discussion podcast!

Our show is now available on most major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, and Audible (with Google Podcasts coming soon), or you can check out the video version below:

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Geoff Keighley has just shared some more information on this year’s Summer Game Fest. Specifically, he’s reaffirmed that the event is still planned to take place later this year, and specified that it will occur sometime in June.

He’s also mentioned that he will host a live Kickoff show occurring at the start of the event. As expected, the presentation will feature new announcements and first looks at various gaming properties. Details regarding the event will be available on the official website here, with more information set to be released in the coming weeks.

Original: E3 2022 has already suffered some setbacks, transitioning from what was supposed to be a physical event into a purely digital one. However, it seems like E3 2022 might now be cancelled in its entirety. Several industry members have been reporting that this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo will no longer proceed and is officially cancelled.

This particular account comes from Will Powers, current PR Lead at Razer Inc. and former employee at DeepSilver, PlayStation and Tencent Games. Supposedly, official emails have started being sent out to various companies informing them of the official cancellation of the event. This was corroborated by another well-known industry member, Jeff Grubb, who’s shared his thoughts in the past on E3 2022 being cancelled in its entirety.

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Best-selling game brands in UK history

GfK released new data today that reveals the 30 highest earning video game franchises in the UK history based on revenue earned from boxed sales. The report accounts for sales earned since 1995.

Mario comes in at #3 and is compromised of all sub-brands. 109 games are covered, but the biggest hits were Mario Kart Wii, Mario Kart 8, and New Super Mario Bros.

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Coffee Talk creator Fahmi has passed away

We’re sad to report that Fahmi, the creator of Coffee Talk, has passed away. He was only 32 years old.

On the game’s official Twitter account, the following message was posted last night:

nintendo pc

With more and more companies around the world from a variety of backgrounds, philosophies, and talents merging and being bought up, making sure content offerings are plentiful while still remaining strategically available and accessible is becoming more and more important. Since 2020, the pandemic has completely changed the way we consume media on just about every platform and device available, whether it’s your Kindle, smart TV, mobile device, Xbox, or just about anything that has a screen on it these days. Formerly closed and proprietary devices such as Xbox, for example, have gone on to create their own Xbox Game Pass subscription service that has been wildly successful, seeing millions of active users and subscribers each month not only on Xbox devices, but allowing games available on the service to be played outside of the console as well. The Xbox experience has become more accessible than ever, and it’s through this strategy that is allowing Microsoft to pave the way forward for innovation within games distribution and consumption without borders.

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kirby timeline

The Washington Post published a new interview today with some of the key developers behind the Kirby series, and some interesting discussion came about when they were asked about a possible timeline or thread that ties the different entries together. 

It actually turns out that “there is no clear timeline for the game stories”, according to HAL Laboratory general director Shinya Kumazaki. Kumazaki explained that this is done so that the development team “constrained by past settings”.

His full words regarding a possibly Kirby timeline are as follows:

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