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Throughout the Wii’s lifecycle, we saw various rip-offs of the console, many of which originated from China. We’ve moved on to Wii U now, but copycats continue to surface – like the “G20”.

Chinese online retail giant Alibaba and electronics company Xiao Bawang are teaming up to produce the new console. The system itself isn’t a complete Wii rip-off, but it does make use of a controller that possesses some blatant Wii Remote similarities.

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If you haven’t already purchased a Wii Classic Controller or Wii Classic Controller Pro, you may want to consider doing so soon. It seems that Nintendo is no longer manufacturing both items. New stock isn’t being sent out, though you may still be able to find the two controllers at various retailers.


Looks like Disney Interactive is planning something new for Disney Infinity… and Marvel characters will be involved!

GameStop will be initiating a new round of deals starting tomorrow, the week of April 7.

There are a few highlights, such as $10 off LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, The LEGO Movie Videogame, and Batman: Arkham Origins. Disney Infinity and Skylanders Swap Force are also on sale.

You can find all of this week’s GameStop deals in the ad above.


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Best Buy has the Luigi Wii Remote Plus on sale. Normally $40, the controller can be purchased for just $26. You can also bring the price down to $22 by purchasing a game along with the Wiimote.

There are a number of Wii and DS games that offer free downloadable content. For instance, players can download a bunch of additional puzzles for Picross 3D and Professor Layton at no extra costs.

If this DLC interests you, you’ll need to grab it before the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection closes on May 20. While paid DLC will still be accessible, free content will be good for good.

A Nintendo representative told NintendoWorldReport:

“The bonus Layton puzzles and such will no longer be available. So you need to get them before the service shuts down. Paid stuff will still be available, though (Wii Shop Channel, etc.).”


Dragon Quest X

Square Enix’s Yosuke Saito took to Twitter earlier today and announced an impressive sales figure for Dragon Quest X. Since launch, the game has sold over one million copies in Japan, the producer confirmed. That number should account for all platforms – Wii U, Wii, PC, and Android.


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