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Update: Added in the official announcement below.

Ubisoft announced the next entry in its Just Dance series during an E3 2015 conference held today. It’s coming to a number of platforms, including Wii U and Wii.

One of the big new hooks in Just Dance 2016 is the addition of a streaming service. This functionality will be on Wii U, Ubisoft confirmed.

Check out a video from Just Dance 2016 below. Lots more can be found here. The game launches in October.

Xenoblade Chronicles X has been out in Japan for quite some time and while the rest of us gaze enviously at the latest Xeno entry before it comes our way, it’s interesting to note some of the changes that have been made possible thanks to the Wii U. The boost in graphical power allowed Monolith Soft to flex their artistic muscle and craft a gorgeous open world, the improved online infrastructure allowed not only for interactions with other players but also the means to push out additional content (which is a staggering thought for a game with a story up around the 70 hour mark) and the most striking change came thanks to the dense, orchestral based soundtrack, which harvested a very different tone to Xenoblade Chronicles back in 2010. Moving away from the smaller ensembles covering any combination of rock, pop and classical tracks, Xenoblade Chronicles X was scored by Hiroyuki Sawano, renowned for more grand compositions focusing on a full orchestra sound, a stark contrast to the ensembles players had been exposed to previously. It was a different sound that was needed to accommodate the new direction of the game, but it was a fairly big risk to take as Xenoblade Chronicles’ soundtrack was so endeared by fans.

PDP has sent out new photos of the Metal Mario, Zero Suit Samus, and Toad PDP Wired Fight Pads for Wii U and Wii. Check them out in the gallery below.

Source: PDP PR


PDP has a couple of more “Fight Pad” controllers on the way. The latest two, as revealed through GameStop listings, are based on Zero Suit Samus and Toad.

All Fight Pads from PDP plug into the Wii Remote and work with the Wii U and Wii. They support games that make use of the Classic Controller/Classic Controller Pro in addition to most Virtual Console games.

GameStop has the Zero Suit Samus and Toad Fight Pads listed for a September 15 release. The Metal Mario controller, which we heard about late last month via an Amazon UK listing, has the same launch date on GameStop’s site.


The latest “React” video has kids playing and reacting to WarioWare: Smooth Moves. Check it out below.

When we posted the previous “React” video over the weekend, some of you said that you wanted us to continue posting these videos while other would prefer the opposite. So I’m again seeking feedback about these types of posts!

The last time I played through Xenoblade Chronicles was just after its European release in 2011, so I’ll let the other staff writers with fresher memories of it handle the actual game of the month. Instead, I’d like to take a not-so-brief look back at the history of the game’s developer, Monolith Soft, and the games they developed prior to Xenoblade. There are plenty of recurring themes, gameplay elements and staff involved, so let’s see how almost a decade of developing RPGs shaped this robot-slaying, god-climbing adventure.

Update (6/4): Pre-orders are now open on Amazon. You can reserve it here.

Retailers are starting to open pre-orders for Skylanders SuperChargers. You can reserve the Starter Pack on Best Buy here or GameStop here. We’ll update this post when Amazon begins taking pre-orders.

In other Skylanders SuperChargers news, we have a few more clips from the game. Each one can be found below.

Skylanders has been a huge success for Activision since the franchise’s debut. GameSpot reports that 250 million toys have been sold to date, and the series has generated $3 billion for Activision.

The first Skylanders, Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure, launched in October 2011. Four games have been released, with Skylanders SuperChargers following later this year.


Game Informer has a new preview up with a whole bunch of details about Skylanders SuperChargers. Read on below for the full information summary.

– new portal has a wider surface for the increased size of the vehicles
– new portal features a slot for the traps from last year’s Skylanders: Trap Team
– new portal does not have voice or light functionality
– traps themselves give you special ammo, and unlock a Skystone of that specific villain [in the trap]
– 20 new figures and 20 vehicles
– possibility of a legacy line along the lines of Eon’s Elite
– all 20 of the new characters have a signature car
– Spitfire rides in Hot Streak; Dive-Clops rides in Dive Bomber; Jet-Vac rides in Jet Stream
– each car, submarine, and airship is equipped with a playable function
– Hot Streak’s wheels spin like any Hot Wheels toy
– aircraft and submarines are equipped with moving parts
– any character can ride in any vehicle
– new vehicle-based animations for all of the characters
– a vehicle won’t appear in the world until a player enters a portal leading to a vehicle sequence
– portals are clearly marked with the vehicle type needed (land, air, or sea)
– some vehicle portals are placed in the middle of a level’s critical path and are mandatory
– other vehicle portals are placed along the side of paths, where secrets and bonuses await
– on critical-path missions, only land-based vehicles are used
– during a vehicle sequence, the character is locked into the driver’s seat and cannot run on foot
– follow a linear path where the camera is positioned behind the vehicle
– tracks have jumps and obstacles
-“Gearbits” are a new form of currency used to upgrade the specific parts on the vehicle
– Gearbits are often positioned in places that help the player navigate obstacles, such as a trail leading up to a ramp
– other driving sections include an arena that looks like a skate park, with its walls doubling as half-pipes
– Hot Streak’s car is equipped with a Flamethrower and lock-on technology
– avoid/destroy enemies in the arena and ring a set of bells to open the arena exit
– when a pilot hops into his or her signature car, the duo becomes SuperCharged, earning a damage boost and other perk
– SuperCharged effect is shown visually through a pulsating energy being given off by the vehicle
– if you finish a vehicle section SuperCharged, the character will still have a damage boost for part of the next on-foot section
– in flight sections, enemies can be locked onto and debris that can be avoided with a quick barrel roll
– one flight mission is in the Cloud Kingdom stage
– this mission uses Stormblade, a bird-like Skylander, and her craft, the Sky Slicer
– fight off an armada of transport ships
– Sky Slicer is equipped with feather projectiles and secondary homing missiles that can lock-on to numerous targets at once
– there is also a submarine section in Cloud Kingdom
– this involves using the Dive Bomber, owned by Dive-Clops
– follow a linear path and have the sub hit jumps to catch air and avoid hazards
– sub is equipped with the ability to submerge beneath the water’s surface
– this portion ends with a battle against rival boats and subs
– use sonar pings to lock-on to these targets
– deactivate a storm-sequencer that is threatening the inhabitants of Cloud Kingdom
– other sub missions include full-on diving
– there are different upgradeable parts for each of the 20 vehicles
– Hot Streak can upgrade the engine and tires
– other cars could offer defensive body and suspension upgrades
– earn instant mods hidden in stages and at the end of specific vehicle sequences
– some returning characters have superhero-like guises that open up a new arsenal of moves
– Super-Shot Stealth Elf has a new green/yellow outfit, is equipped with a rail gun and poisonous/stealth attacks
– she drops her gun, turns invisible, and sneaks up on enemies
– Jet-Vac now goes by Hurricane Jet-Vac
– he can use a hurricane hover attack, narrow the distance to his attackers using a dash kick, and can use his vacuum gun
– Trigger Happy is now wearing red and white gloves and has a new flamethrower gun
– he has been renamed Double Dare Trigger Happy
– Kaos returns as the villain and has a new weapon, the Doomstation of Ultimate Doomstruction,
– this weapon is capable of eating the sky and everything contained within it
– over 40 minutes of cinematics
– collectible hats, collectible Skystone cards, lock-picking minigames, and laser and block puzzles all return
– same cooperative experience for the on-foot sequences
– does not allow for two vehicles to be onscreen at the same time
– roughly 50 percent of the game is dedicated to vehicle
– level cap has not been increased beyond 2
– digital version of Skylanders: SuperChargers for all systems for people who don’t want to purchase another portal
– download SuperChargers and unlock digital “Instant” versions of Spitfire and Hotstreak for use in the game
– no other characters or vehicles are planned for the Instant line.


Several videos for Skylanders SuperChargers have come in showing footage, among other things. You’ll find all below.