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It’s a double-dose of Zelda updates in this week’s Famitsu. Along with new details about Hyrule Warriors Legends, the magazine has presented more information about The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes.

In terms of the plot, there was a beautiful, fashionable Princess in a beloved, fashionable Kingdom. However, a witch curses the princess to wear tights that cover her completely and cannot be removed. The king then sought the “Legendary Hero” to defeat the witch in order to undo this spell.

Famitsu shares the following about some of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes’ characters:

Game Informer has put up a preview of Minecraft: Story Mode based on a hands-on demo of the game. We’ve rounded up the various tidbits in the summary below.

– Fist time Minecraft has received an official cohesive story arc
– Jesse stars in the first episode
– Jesse: a reluctant hero who can take on one of six different looks across different skin tones and genders depending on what the player wants
– Track Jesse’s pet pig Reuben in the first scene
– Guide him along the pig tracks
– Search a large area
– When you reunite with Reuben, a group of creepers, zombies, and spiders close in on the location
– Jesse uses his wooden sword and begins defending Reuben
– The zombies approach first
– Action sequence begins where you press press a button when they get close enough
– Jesse’s wooden sword shatters after defeating a few enemies
– Jesse’s friend Petra swoops in and saves the two
– In the next scene, Petra and Jesse discuss the wither skull she procured
– She claims to have arranged to trade it to someone at the upcoming EnderCon in exchange for a diamond
– From there, the scene demonstrates Story Mode’s take on crafting
– Jesse builds a stone sword from two cobblestones and a stick
– You’re given the ingredients here, but you arrange them in the correct way on the crafting table
– The story flashes ahead again
– Something terrible has happened at the EnderCon, and the entire attendee-base is fleeing in horror
– A giant, three-headed beast emerges from the venue and floats toward the crowd
– A beam comes from the beast
– This pulls in anything and anyone in its way
– During the demo, you can only run from it
– Jesse and his friends see their window to escape and take it
– As Jesse runs alongside the rest of the fleeing attendees, you need to guide his path
– Any obstacle you’re unable to evade in time with horizontal movement throws a quick-time event your way
– The group reconvenes in a shelter after escaping
– Jesse lights an inactive portal and the group jumps in
– A hardened warrior named Gabriel confronts Jesse about his destiny in helping resolve the issues causing this invasion
– Before they finish their talk, the monster’s tentacles smash through the walls and the tractor beam begins abducting Gabriel and Petra
– Can only save one
– Game Informer chose Petra, which leaves Gabriel to float off into the distance
– Petra is safe, but before Jesse is able to escape, one of the monster’s tentacles whacks him hard, sending him flying into the portal as the screen cuts to black
– Voice cast features the likes of Patton Oswalt, Catherine Taber, Brian Posehn, Ashley Johnson, Dave Fennoy, Billy West, and Paul Reubens


More Monster Hunter X details have come in through the official website. Below you’ll find information about Raizex, Nyancook, and Fenny. You’ll also find screenshots on the website here.


– Rizex is one of the four main monsters
– This monster has a violent personality
– The Rizex is extremely territorial, and will try to kill off any trespassers with everything it’s got
– Known as the “Thunder Wyvern” thanks to its electric organs
– It can charge its with an “Electric Charge State”
– This increases its power and range of attacks
– Crest Attack: an attack that hits with the Rizex’s crest located on its head; during an Electric Charge State, it becomes more like a blade and does even more damage
– Claw Wing Attack: uses its extremely developed claws on their wings to shred its prey
– Lightning Attack: a breath attack that shoots out two powerful lightning bolts
– Tail Attack: thrusts with its sharp and long tail; during an Electric Charge State it gets more power and discharges electricity
– Electric Charge State: its crest, wings, and tail gets charged with electricity and increases the damage and range of its attacks; Rizex also has attacks that can only be done while in this state

– Lagiacrus, Blangonga, and the Shogun Ceanataur will be in Monster Hunter X



– The head chef of the “Felyne Bistro” kitchen
– Nyancook cooks things like fondue made from homemade cheese
– Makes other foods to give players bfufs



– New pet
– Can dress it up, carry it around, and take naps with it


Monster Hunter Stories was announced way back in April. But it wasn’t until the release of this week’s Famitsu that proper information about the game was shared.

Monster Hunter Stories is an RPG set in the Monster Hunter world. It tells the story of “Monster Riders” who form bonds with monsters.

As noted in Famitsu, the title begins in the Rider Village. The protagonist receives a “Bond Stone” from the village chief, which is necessary to pass a trial and become a full fledged Rider. Nabir, who grew up with the protagonist, is a partner in the trial and is determined to see the world outside the village.

Additional information about Ace Attorney 6 has been translated from the pages of this week’s Famitsu. You’ll find the details rounded up below.

– Once again, the game is set in a foreign country which Phoenix visits “for a certain goal”
– The old Wright luck kicks in and he finds himself wrapped up in a certain case when his tour guide is arrested
– Phoenix goes to see the trial
– When there, he sees there’s no defense attorney and the judge is relying on things like an “oracle of spirits” to hand down a guilty verdict immediately
– Phoenix objects and takes the defense’s bench
– In the game is the mysterious, strong-willed woman in the art
– This woman is neither a witness nor a prosecutor nor a judge
– She’s this game’s “key person” like Athena in AA5
– Note that it does not say she’s Phoenix’s assistant, just reuses the “key person” term
– The “water mirror” in the courtroom plays a part in a new system they’re keeping under wraps
– The magazine also seems to suggest there may be other small changes from the usual courtroom antics
– This new system will be playable at TGS 2015
– In this country, there are prosecutors, but no defense attorneys
– Defendants must use a “certain object” to defend themselves
– The game’s theme is a “courtroom revolution”
– The team felt Phoenix was in a position where he didn’t really have anyone who could match up to him in Japan, so that was part of the reason they moved him into the wider world
– They also hope that trials in a court where the usual “rules” don’t play will help give a sense of urgency to the game that they couldn’t get in just a plain Japanese trial
– Devs have heard complaints about Ace Attorney 5 being too easy due to the many hints characters gave
– With this game, they’re aiming to let the player enable/disable hints on their own, and to avoid direct clues like in AA5
– Development is still fairly early on
– The team wants to make a game to surpass the previous entries, and to “betray the player’s expectations – in a good way!”


More Famitsu scans of Ace Attorney 6 leaked today, revealing new details about the game.

A new female character spotted in the first round of scans is featured prominently in multiple images, although there is no information about her identity yet. She appears to be objecting to a hastily-passed verdict.

Translations of multiple quotes from the scans are now also available:

– The theme is “courtroom revolution”
– You can turn off hints!
– Development on the game is 30% complete

What’s the theme and concept of Ace Attorney 6?

Takeshi Yamazaki, director: “Throughout the series, Phoenix Wright is in a place that lacks enemies. Because of that, we’re paying more attention to the world this time.”

Eshiro Motohide, producer: “It’s tough to develop within the Japanese courtroom, since an exhilarating part of the game is how situations can change from from desperate to complete turnabouts. The theme is ‘courtroom revolution.’ Phoenix Wright changing the system of the court is a major theme.”


The first scans of Ace Attorney 6 have surfaced from this week’s issue of Famitsu.

According to the magazine, the game takes place outside of Japan. Phoenix Wright has come to the unnamed country for a reason, but he gets involved with another case. Residents of the country apparently believe in the spirits of the dead. A big Water Mirror (mizukagami) can be seen in their courtrooms on the floor. On the upper 3DS screen, there are images and words floating in the water. The touch screen seems to show part of a testimony and the option to present something.

Famitsu also introduces us to a boy who goes by the name (roughly) Bokto Tsuani. Bokto is a monk-in-training who works as a tour guide to make some money. It’s said that after starting his tour-guide-talk, he can’t be stopped.



Famitsu has a two-page feature on Chibi-Robo!: Zip Lash this week. The Japanese magazine touches on a couple of familiar things, but also presents new information.

In terms of the premise, Chibi-Robo and its partner robot Tonpi see in the news that resources have gone missing in various areas around the world. The two end up encountering an alien and pursue it thinking that this is the culprit.

One of the big hooks in Chibi-Robo!: Zip Lash is the ability to use Chibi-Robo’s plug and cord in side-scrolling stages. Players will be able to throw the cord in two ways: quick throw or power throw. By collecting blue and red balls, the cord can be extended. It can also be attached into an orange panel and then jump from place to place by shaking the cord.

SEGA’s latest update on 7th Dragon III Code: VFD covers a number of the game’s classes. We now have details for the Rune Knight, Fortuner, Mage, and Punisher. View the information rounded up below.

Rune Knight:

– Magic swordsmen
– Rune Knights use small knives that goes with elemental and different effect-based attacks
– They can heal themselves and have skills that can heal the entire party or protect allies from enemy attacks
– “Knight’s Pride”: does a physical non-elemental attack to an enemy, and the damage is determined by how much damage they took prior to getting knocked out
– This move automatically activates when a Rune Knight’s health goes to 0
– “Brave Sword”: massive close-ranged magic damage to all enemies
– Brave Sword causes the user’s health go to half
– The more health that gets depleted from this skill, the more damage it will do


– Fortunetellers of the battlefield
– Specialize in putting enemies in abnormal states
– Their skills can do even more damage against enemies that are under a status ailment
– Fortuner’s have slightly lower health/defense
– “Poem of Wind and Tree”: regenerate each turn for all party members by using mana
– “Sacrifice”: consumes a massive amount of MP in order to launch a powerful magic attack that hits all enemies
– This attack is so powerful, the user will withdraw from the after after landing the hit


– Magic specialists
– They can use magic attacks of various attributes
– Mages can even support the party with healing magic
– Weakness is their low defense stat
– “Volcano”: long-ranged fire magic damage to all enemies, and gives them a “burn” affect
– “Mana Bullet”: long-ranged magic attack that deals big damage to all enemies


– Use a hybrid weapon called “Armored Spear”
– This is a mix between a giant spear and mortar
– Punishers have the best physical damage of all classes and the most amount of health
– “Explosives” are needed for their powerful attacks
– You’ll need to supplement it if you use too much
– “Assault Spear: selects a group of enemies and launches a powerful close-ranged attack
– This requires mana and Explosives to use
– “Dragon Buster”: long-ranged fire attribute damage to all enemies from a mortar shot
– This does extra damage against dragons, and it also consumes mana and Explosives

You can find screenshots and art of today’s new content here.


Nintendo World Report has published a preview of SteamWorld Heist with some additional details. You’ll find them rounded up below.

– Different difficulty settings to choose from
– Image & Form hinted that drops and enemies change depending on this choice
– You no longer have to backtrack to your ship
– Instead, you will have to approach a newly opened passageway and get there safely as possible
– This makes matches faster, but there is less sense of dread
– Even after completing a level, new opponents could still appear and this made it a harsh ride all the way through
– While this still happens in the current version, there is more of a safety net
– Can skip some of the loot, but you need to destroy all of the enemies in the level
– Every character, friend or foe, can only move a set amount of steps and can only do so much once they are settled
– If your steps remain within a certain buffer area, you are able to fire at your opponents
– Not all the gunmen in your crew can hold the gun still and the firearms all act very different from one another
– Some only shoot one strong bullet, while others shoot three weaker ones
– The female captain, Piper, has a gun with reticle right from the start
– You have to bounce shots from walls so you can reach enemies from afar
– Can swap for a different gun that is more effective
– You won’t get any support though
– Use different items to keep yourself in the game
– Healing Oil: recover a robot’s hit points
– Characters wear different hats
– Hats give the people status in this universe
– Every hat and gun also has its own stats and abilities
– Individual crew members will level up, which allow them to better defend themselves
– Unlock new abilities as you progress
– Piper can use a Power Shot right from the get go
– Seabrass, your partner in crime, can use Payback
– This will charge him up when he takes damage
– When ready, the damage he can deal increases by 50%
– Characters have pretty straightforward skill trees
– In the original demo, you could freely explore space and tackle any mission you were interested in
– But the game now has a map screen now, so you will hop to every mission almost instantly
– You can still visit bars and purchase items, as well as recruit members
– These will only join if you have reached a certain level, so you don’t have to straight up pay for them anymore
– You will still lose them if you fail to protect them in battle


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