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details roundup

A few more details are available for Kirby Triple Deluxe, again coming from Japanese magazines. The latest information is posted below.

– One of the key chains is from Kirby Mass Attack
– One of the mini games involves jumping on drums while trying to reach the goal
– If you swallow new bell enemies you get the new Bell power.
– Bell attacks with sound
– Pressing the button repeatedly makes the sound louder
– You can go inside the bell to protect yourself
– Swallowing beanstalks trigger the Big Bang power.
– Seems the name of the world is Floarald(o) (Furorarudo), floating in the sky.


Atlus has shared a bunch of new content for Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth. New screenshots are posted above, and details can be found below.


– Sudden sound of a mysterious bell is heard during the last day of the school festival at Yasogami High School
– After hearing the sound, the Persona-users are then sent to a parallel universe
– They find themselves in a school that looks exactly like Yasogami High
– School also has an eerie clock tower they’ve never seen before
– In the alternate world’s Yasogami High, they meet a young boy and girl who seem to have lost their memories
– Choose between the two protagonists of Persona 3 and Persona 4
– Story is different based on who you choose

Persona 3 story

– Story begins in the middle of a story autumn night if you choose Persona 3’s protagonist
– Due to their school festival being canceled, the members of SEES (Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad) gather at Tartarus
– It’s here that they hear a strange sound of a bell
– After entering the Velvet Room, a certain incident occurs
– Before they realize it, they find themselves in the midst of a school festival at Yasogami High School
– Shadows soon appear, similar to those they’ve previously fought in Tartarus
– While fighting the Shadows and looking for a way out, they suddenly find themselves face to face with a group of high school students who call themselves the Investigation Team

Persona 4 story

– Last day of the Yasogami High School festival
– Protagonist and the rest of the Investigation Team are enjoying the festivities
– They all seem to hear a distinct sound of an unfamiliar bell
– After looking outside the window, they see a clock tower that was never there before
– Due to the unforeseen event, the group searches its way around the school to spot any traces of Shadow activity
– While fighting the Shadows, the Investigation Team encounter another group of Persona-users, who seem to be from a different school
– Group is known as the “Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad”
– They decide to team up to find the exit of what appears to be a labyrinth.


– First-year student at Yasogami High School
– Seems to have had her memories stolen by a certain someone
– Usually seen eating things like corndogs and donuts, which she apparently pulls out of nowhere
– Known for being rather strange


– First-year student at Yasogami High School
– Also had his memories stolen by a certain someone
– Always around Rei
– Will do absolutely anything to protect her
– Whenever something happens to Rei, he loses his cool and is prone to recklessness


New Kirby Triple Deluxe details have emerged from the latest Japanese magazines. You can find the latest information below.

– New bell-power up
– With this power-up, Kirby holds a bell in each hand, has a bell on his head
– There’s also the beetle power-up
– “Big Bang” power allows Kirby to “turn rainbow”
– Kirby will suck all the things up in super-powered suck that has been featured in the trailer while using this power-up
– Only appears in some stages
– Sucks things up, spit things out and open new pathways
– Some stages have you tilting the 3DS
– Mini-games feature King Dedede
– 1-4 players for mini-games
– Collect over 250 Key Chains, which celebrate Kirby’s history
– Can trade them via StreetPass


Square Enix has shared a new update for Dragon Quest Monsters 2, the upcoming 3DS remake. You can find information pertaining to the game’s battle modes and more below.

– App will be available so that players can transfer monsters from Terry’s Wonderland 3D
– Wi-Fi shop included
– Shop updates with different items each day similar to Dragon Quest IX
– Game has Wi-Fi battles
– Can send monsters out to fight other players by picking away battles or take on other player’s parties at home
– Away mode: upload your monster party data to a server for other players to download
– Don’t actually control your team in this mode
– Home mode: download other player’s away data and fight three parties like regular battles
– Win and points are added to your Wi-Fi ranking
– Points from away battles are added to your score the next day
– Can change rules like allowing monsters to fight with equipment and other options
– Players can also trade items or fight friends directly through wireless play
– Up to 8 can battle in tournament mode


SEGA’s latest trailer for Puyo Puyo Tetris brings us just a few extra details. The information roundup can be found below.

– When the game swaps your board between a player’s Puyo and Tetris sets, the swapped set will continue to fall
– This results in situations where you could come back to a really messed up game
– Another mode is one in which you bomb the other player
– A bomb tile will appear in your set of tiles that you’ll need to send over to the opponent before it explodes
– February 6 date for Japan reconfirmed


Exstetra details

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A few more Exstetra details are now available for viewing. Head on below for the latest game information.

– Gain and use skills through enchanting
– Limit on how much can be enchanted on items including weapons
– Once there you can freely continue to upgrade the ability by enchanting it further
– Accessories can take a lot more
– Recent video showed Akihabara’s ruined dungeons
– Pair Revenge: raised when you raise relationships between characters
– If one or the other character is attacked, a free counterattack goes through from their paired partner
– It doesn’t matter who kills a monster
– Ryoma sucks up their EXS energies no matter what
– Battles are completely random encounter types
– Cheer or groan depending on what sort of battle system you prefer


A few more screenshots and details have emerged for Toushin Toshi. For the latest content pertaining to the Japanese game, continue on below.

– Mizuhara Hazuki is the only daughter of the famed Mizuhara dojo
– Mizuhara is storng enough to be its co-instructor next to her dad
– Mizuhara heads for the Toshin tournament alongside Bellnas
– She does so thinking that she’ll be able to marry the love of her life Seed if Bellnas wins
– Her father has secretly decided that the winner of the tournament will be inheriting his dojo, which Bellnas firmly intends to do
– Tournament winner is also lauded as the world’s greatest champion
– Bellnas is a sarcastic, weathered-looking man
– Has a shock of white/pink hair
– Bellnas is always ready with a snide word
– Manage to back it up by being main character Seed’s primary rival at the dojo they’ve trained at
– Seed’s not willing to lose Hazuki to him
– He therefore sets off to join the Toshin tournament himself
– Seluna is a mentor elder sister figure of sorts
– She’s the one who’s willing to be Seed’s partner when he signs up for the Toshin tournament
– Tournament players have to have a woman as their partner
– Seluna wants to help Seed grow both mentally and physically
– Has a passing resemblance to Hazuki


Kotaku has published a new preview for The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, and we’ve rounded up the details below. There aren’t really any spoilers here, so you don’t have to worry across coming information that could affect your experience. Read on below for the information.

– Wallet limitations removed
– Don’t need most weapons right away
– New dungeons seem to require just one new one at a time
– Obtaining multiple weapons you don’t need yet, you’ll be able to access a lot of otherwise inaccessible areas
– Once again, Ravio takes away rented items if you die
– Something that cost 50 Rupees to rent will cost 400 to buy
– You can buy items you don’t need yet, but you won’t lose them if you die
– Early dungeon entrances are marked with icons that indicate which item you’ll need in the dungeon
– Fast-travel options let you quickly get back to Ravio’s shop to grab the object you need
– Game seems to have some sort of rapping character
– Place up to 20 pins on the main map to mark things you’re interested in and may want to return to
– Can’t draw scribble notes on the map
– Many songs are remixes of A Link To The Past
– Nintendo has “done something fun with bees”


IGN has published a new Mario Party: Island Tour preview with a few more details about the game. For the latest information, check out the summary below.

– Hot-Air Hijinks: multiplayer quick play mode
– In this mode, you can set matches to end after 3, 5, or 7 wins
– Match Faker: like a memory-based card game
– Mini-game begins with the cards facing up and players have a brief amount of time to jot down notes on the touchscreen
– The cards then flip over and players need to identify the position of specific cards chosen at random
– Bumper Thumper: Bumper Cars in a small area
– Use short bursts from your thrusters to push each other out of the playing field to win
– As players bounce off the walls, they deteriorate until they disappear
– Color Correction: glide over and paint as many tiles as possible on a set surface area
– The player with the most painted tiles at the end wins
– Sinking Feeling: AR game; climb up a green pipe as it slowly sinks into a lava pit
– In the mini-game, more pieces drop from the top of the screen and can block off pathways
– The pace the pieces would fall from the top increased as the game goes on