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Etrian Odyssey

Famitsu have revealed a few new details on the upcoming crossover dungeon crawler, Etrian Mystery Dungeon, including the game’s boxart. The game will feature a new character class, the Wanderer (Fuurai), which looks an awful lot like a certain veteran Mystery Dungeon explorer. A pair of new NPC characters were also revealed; One of them handles the usual “Adventurer’s Guild” for creating characters and arranging parties while the other dapper fellow offers missions. Famitsu also teased the massive D.O.E. enemies that will appear during dungeon dives, which will presumably act like Etrian Odyssey’s traditional F.O.E. foes. We’ve included a bunch of the new art and screenshots in a gallery over the break.


As our celebration of the Nintendo DS’ 10th birthday draws to a close, the Nintendo Everything staff got together to discuss the games we thought defined the console for us. You’ve probably noticed all the DS-centric listicles we’ve been posting over the last few weeks, but these were all user-voted so we didn’t exactly have much control over the games that made the list. So with that in mind we’re adding in our opinions on everything from the best soundtracks to the most disappointing titles, including a few games that didn’t make the original lists.

Each of the staff members contributing has their own unique gaming tastes and just so you know exactly who to argue with in the comments section, the guys who you’ll be hearing from in this article are:

Name: Brian
Site Role: The Leader of the Bunch, You Know Him Well

Name: Patrick
Site Role: Famicolumnist, Bought Too Many DS Games

Name: Austin
Site Role: Buster of Eggs, Veteran of the Review Crew

Name: Kirara
Site Role: The Radiant Reporter, Amiibo Aficionado

Atlus has gone ahead and opened two new teaser sites designated by the letters “X” and “D”. They can be found here and here.

What’s interesting about the two sites is how they are very much the same. Both feature a giant tree similar to the teaser site for Etrian Odyssey Untold II from earlier this year. The two pages are titled “Nobody knows the X” and “Nobody knows the D”. Meanwhile, the official Etrian Odyssey Twitter account also posted recently: “We believe that everyone is curious about X and D’s sites just about now. Please take a peek at them every now and then.”

This all sounds related to Etrian Odyssey. Perhaps we’ll hear something during Atlus’ live-stream on Niconico later today?


Etrian Odyssey

A new Etrian Odyssey game could be on the way, based on a newly opened teaser site from Atlus. You can find the page here.

On the site, Atlus included a picture of a giant tree and the title, “This is not broccoli #ATLUS.” The tree and font both seem like they could be connected to Etrian Odyssey. We should find out in a few days!


NIS America will bring Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl to Europe, the company announced today. A release is planned for 2014.

Atlus launched Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl in North America earlier this month. The game originally hit Japan in late June.

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