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Mario Kart DS

With all the latest information from yesterday’s Direct there is so much information to keep track of and now it looks like eShop goers in Europe will be able to take advantage of a great limited time offer!

If you purchase three select titles from the Wii U eShop you will be able to receive the fourth free. This special offer runs until April 16 and is available starting today.

Here are the four games included in the promotion:

– Super Mario 64

– Donkey Kong 64

– Wario Ware Touched!

– Mario Kart DS


As our celebration of the Nintendo DS’ 10th birthday draws to a close, the Nintendo Everything staff got together to discuss the games we thought defined the console for us. You’ve probably noticed all the DS-centric listicles we’ve been posting over the last few weeks, but these were all user-voted so we didn’t exactly have much control over the games that made the list. So with that in mind we’re adding in our opinions on everything from the best soundtracks to the most disappointing titles, including a few games that didn’t make the original lists.

Each of the staff members contributing has their own unique gaming tastes and just so you know exactly who to argue with in the comments section, the guys who you’ll be hearing from in this article are:

Name: Brian
Site Role: The Leader of the Bunch, You Know Him Well

Name: Patrick
Site Role: Famicolumnist, Bought Too Many DS Games

Name: Austin
Site Role: Buster of Eggs, Veteran of the Review Crew

Name: Kirara
Site Role: The Radiant Reporter, Amiibo Aficionado

Alright, it’s time to wrap up this series of features by counting down the best first party games on the Nintendo DS. Well, first and second party games, really. If it was published by Nintendo, it’s fair game. Anyway, the ten Nintendo-published games you guys voted as the best on the console are as follows (hope you like plumbers and Pokémon)…

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