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The Wii U and 3DS will both be receiving Amiibo support in the future. What might the functionality mean for a franchise like Pokemon?

While Game Freak’s Junichi Masuda won’t share any specifics regarding potential ideas, he did tell GameSpot that the company could be open to supporting Amiibo down the road. That will happen “if we can find some really cool way out to use Amiibo with NFC, and add some new type of gameplay,” Masuda said.

His full comments:

“You might be aware that Pokemon as a brand used NFC for Pokemon Rumble U for the Wii U. Not in the exact same way as that, but if we can find some really cool way out to use Amiibo with NFC, and add some new type of gameplay, then I think we’d definitely be supportive of using it in the future.”


Game Informer recently caught up with Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire producer Junichi Masuda and director Shigeru Ohmori. The two were touched on slew of different topics, including the lack of Pokemon games on the 3DS Virtual Console, how Pokemon are chosen for Smash Bros. the possibility of revisiting the idea of extensions for previously-released titles, and more.

You’ll find a few excerpts from Game Informer’s interview below. Head on over here for the full discussion.

Assets for Mega Slowbro and Mega Audino have been appeared on the official Pokemon Korea website. The two mega evolutions appear to be a feature in the upcoming Generation 3 remakes coming later this year and it looks like the announcement was staged and ready for Gamescom 2014, currently underway in Cologne. The pages for each new evolution can be found here and here.


The Pokemon series has continued to grow, including the amount of creatures. There have been over 700 Pokemon created thus far.

Game Freak naturally has a daunting task in keeping all of the Pokemon’s strength balanced in each one of their games. How do they go about that?

Battle director Shigeki Morimoto explained:

We start off with an idea in mind, like “How would this little fellow have to be used to be able to beat that guy when it’s about this strong?” Keeping that in mind, we assign stats to each Pokémon. After that, we do all kinds of playtesting among ourselves and adjust areas where the balance seems off as we go along. Even so, after the games are released, we find that they are still sometimes used in ways that we never imagined. There is still room for customization by deciding moves and Abilities, and so it’s really interesting to see what trends develop on the battle scene after the games’ release.


Some early in game shots of the primal forms of Kyogre and Groudon have emerged, showing what they’ll look like in battle when powered up


Game Freak designer Shigeki Morimoto recently issued a letter on the Pokemon Global Link. In it, he left a tease about the newly announced Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire games.

The two remakes, he believes, will offer a change in the generation VI battle environment. What might that mean?


Last December, Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures Inc. filed a new trademark for “Phantom Gate”. Given the connection between all three companies, there’s a good chance this is Pokemon-related. A Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, perhaps?


Pokemon X/Y makes a number of changes to the core Pokemon experience fans have become accustomed to. One of these modifications pertains to the Exp. Share item.

This time around, Exp. Share is a key item. All Pokemon participating in a battle also receive 100 percent of the experience while the creatures who are left out still earn 50 percent.

Game Freak director Junichi Masuda spoke about the new approach to experience sharing while speaking with Game Informer this month. He said:

There are so many Pokemon living in the Kalos region, you can encounter a different Pokemon just about every time you go into the tall grass. We wanted players to try raising lots of Pokemon, which is why we changed how the Exp. Share item worked. Of course, we also made it so players could turn off the Exp. Share and still enjoy the game if they wanted to.


Nintendo, Game Freak and Creatures Inc. have filed a Japanese trademark for “Poketouch”. It’s anyone’s guess what the name is about. As always, there’s also the possibility that the name won’t end up being used.


Shota Kageyama, a composer who worked on Pokemon X/Y, Pokemon Black/White, and Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver, has left Game Freak. Kageyama also contributed to Luminous Arc and Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Kageyama shared the news on Twitter last week in which he wrote:

[Greetings] Happy New Year, everyone. I’m sorry to raise a personal matter, but I left GAME FREAK, who has been good to me these past six years and seven months, on December 31 to start a new music brand called Spica Musica.

Along with gaming, Kageyama will be pursuing other areas of interest. Kageyama said that the staff at Game Freak sent him off with smiles and support, and he’s open to working with the studio again in the future.

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