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The Legend of Zelda manga is returning. The series will be seeing a new entry sometime this year, Akira Himekawa announced on its official Twitter account.

Details about the new Zelda manga are being kept under wraps for now. We do at least know that Akira Himekawa has already started writing.


Update (5/18/15): Bumped to the top. A full translation can be found here.

Japan now has access to a new Splatoon manga. It’s apparently a one-time feature included in CoroCoro’s June issue. How neat would this be to see on a regular basis?!


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Level-5 decided to take the “Busters” mode from Yo-Kai Watch 2 and turn it into its own game. Something similar is now taking place in manga form.

CoroCoro’s June issue is launching a manga adaptation of the Yo-Kai Watch Busters game. Level-5 is credited as the original creator, and Atsushi Ohba is drawing the series.


During Sakura Con this past weekend, Kodansha Comics announced that it has acquired the license to publish Satoru Matsuba’s Devil Survivor manga in the U.S. This is based on the original Devil Survivor title for DS. It isn’t clear when the manga will be available, but I’m sure we’ll be receiving additional news in the months ahead.


Yo-Kai Watch’s manga is coming stateside in September, VIZ Media announced today. Anime and toys relating to the series are also expected “around the same time”.

VIZ Media intends to publish the Yo-Kai Watch manga under its kids-friendly Perfect Square imprint. Fans can look forward to new volumes every other month.




Hammerspace has shared another couple of pictures from the Majora’s Mask manga. Today we get a look at an altered scene involving The Indigo-Go’s.

In the actual game, players can perform with The Indigo-Go’s under the guise of Mikau after completing the Great Bay temple. This was heavily abridged in the manga and only lasts one page. What’s shown above looks a bit more extensive!


Akira Himekawa has shared another 3 unused pages from the Zelda: Majora’s Mask manga. It seems that Cremia and Romani would meet Link while on their way to the The Indigo-Go’s concert. Apparently, we’ll be seeing even more scrapped pieces from the manga soon!



There have been plenty of manga adaptations based on The Legend of Zelda over the years. Akira Himekawa led the way on creating manga for several titles, including Ocarina of Time, Skyward Sword, and more.

Another Zelda manga made by Akira Himekawa was for Majora’s Mask. To celebrate the launch of Nintendo’s remake on 3DS, images have been shared showing a scrapped chapter. The chapter would have centered around Link stumbling upon Romani and Cremia as the two struggle to control the horses Cremia uses to drive her wagon.

Keep your eyes peeled for a look at another scrapped part of the Majora’s Mask manga in the near future.


The recently announced The Legend of Zelda: A link to the Past Manga is available for pre-order on Amazon US.

Release date is May 5 and it is currently listed at only $16.94


The latest information coming from Dengeki Maoh reveals that a manga adaption of Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth is in the works. It will begin in the magazine’s October issue. Manga artist Akaume will draw the manga.


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