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We have a couple of non-gaming updates pertaining to Pokemon Sun/Moon. Today’s news concerns the new anime and manga.

The Pokemon Sun/Moon is debuting in November. We’ve included a preview trailer below.

As for the manga, we now know that the name is Pokemon Horizon. Serialization kicks off in the latest issue of CoroCoro. It’s penned by Tenya Yabuno, who previously worked on Digimon V-Tamer and the Inazuma Eleven manga.



VIZ Media is localizing the official Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire manga, which comes from author Hidenori Kusaka and artist Satoshi Yamamoto.

Here’s an overview:

“Adventures inspired by the best-selling video games!

Picking up where their saga left off, Sapphire and Emerald train in the new techniques of Mega Evolution to prepare for the next crisis of epic proportions. And they’ll need Ruby’s help too!

A giant meteor is hurtling towards the planet! Searching for a way to change its course, Ruby journeys to Sky Pillar to earn the trust of Zinnia, the True Lorekeeper of the mysterious Draconid tribe. Does Zinnia have the key to saving the world?

And what does all this have to do with Legendary Pokémon Rayquazza?”

The first volume of the Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire manga releases on September 6. You can pre-order it on Amazon here, along with the next two volumes.

Along with the manga, VIZ Media is preparing a gift set containing both volumes of Santa Harukaze’s Pokemon Pocket Comics for October. This includes one based on the Pokemon Back/White characters and another featuring Legendaries. The two also have four-panel comics and come with trivia questions, quizzes, and puzzles. Reserve it on Amazon here.


Back when VIZ Media announced the “Legendary Edition” volumes for the various Zelda manga, we heard about two that are arriving over the next few months. Ocarina of Time is up first in November, followed by Oracle of Ages/Seasons in January. We now have news about the two other volumes.

Majora’s Mask and A Link to the Past will comprise volume 3, with a release planned for March 2017. The Minish Cap and Phantom Hourglass will then follow in May.

It’s also worth mentioning that pre-orders for the third and fourth Legendary Edition volumes are on sale over at Amazon. Majora’s Mask/A Link to the Past as well as Minish Cap/Phantom Hourglass are down to about $12.

VIZ Media made it known yesterday that the company is localizing the Zelda: Twilight Princess manga. Just as we learned from an Otakon panel, the first volume will be made available in English next March. As for the rest of the world? Fortunately, there are plans to have the manga in other languages as well.

Tokyopop will be handling the German version of the Zelda: Twilight Princess manga, and it’ll actually be coming out very soon. The first volume is due out on November 17 for €6.50. Plans are also in place for Spanish and French editions.

Thanks to Tokyopop, we also now know how long the manga will run for. The publisher confirmed that a total of four volumes will be released.

Lastly, Tokyopop will also be bringing out The Legend of Zelda: Legendary Edition based on Ocarina of Time on November 17. North America will have it on November 1.


The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess manga is now confirmed for the west. During a panel at Otakon today, VIZ Media announced that they’ve licensed it from Himekawa. The first volume will drop in March 2017.

Japan received the first volume of the Twilight Princess manga in June. New issues are still being printed, so the series will be continuing for quite awhile. Eventually, more volumes will likely be released overseas as well.


CoroCoro Comics will be releasing a new manga based off of Pokemon Sun and Moon, starting in September. Set in the Alola Region, the manga will star a new trainer character and his Rockruff. More details on the comic will be released in this Friday’s issue of CoroCoro, around the same time as we get more news on the upcoming games.


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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess started a manga in February. It’s created by Akira Himekawa, the same team behind the other manga entries in the series. The big question on the minds of fans is when we’ll be seeing a localized version.

There’s no word on anything regarding a release date, but Akira Himekawa now says that the Twilight Princess manga will be released in English thanks to VIZ Media. It’s also worth pointing out that TOKYOPOP Deutschland will handle the German version.

Here’s the news straight from Akira Himekawa’s Facebook page:


Information coming out of this month’s CoroCoro reveals that an anime based on Puzzle & Dragons X is in the works. The series will begin airing this summer. Along with an anime, a manga adaptation from Momota Inoue is in the works, which will debut in CoroCoro’s May issue (shipping in April).

As far as the game goes, Puzzle & Dragons X will be available in Japan this summer. Two versions are planned: “Kami no Sh?” (God Chapter) and “Ry? no Sh?” (Dragon Chapter). Puzzle & Dragons X’s theme is “evolution” and will also feature cooperative play with friends in a cross battle. The game’s protagonist is Ace and his partner Tamaz?. Staff behind the anime will also animate the game’s opening anime.


Last July, Akira Himekawa teased a new entry in the Zelda manga series. There were plans to have it out last year, but strangely, nothing ever materialized. A concrete update was finally shared today.

A new Twilight Princess manga will begin and published at Shogakukan’s manga app Manga One. They would’ve liked to announce the title during last year’s tease, but there were many states of affairs, which is why they could only announce it today.

One of the Fire Emblem 25th anniversary concerts happened in Japan earlier today. From the event, we’re hearing that a manga based on Fire Emblem Fates was announced.

Shin Kibayashi, who penned the story for the actual games, is said to be writing the scenario. Character designer Kozaki Yusuke will be in charge of illustrations.

The Fire Emblem Fates manga will debut in the monthly edition of Young Magazine this fall. We’ll bring you more details once we receive more information.


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