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OMORI Basil Nendoroid

Good Smile is wrapping up production on its brand new OMORI Nendoroid for Basil, and has shared a release date and photos while also opening pre-orders.

Basil is one of the main characters of the game. His Nendoroid has a few face plates, including ones for neutral, happy, and distressed. There are also optional parts for a flower part and camera. The figure also comes with a stand, which is needed as it doesn’t stand on its own.

Cuphead and Mugman Nendoroids

Good Smile has shared some news about its Cuphead and Mugman Nendoroids, including a release date, new photos, and pre-orders.

These figures were initially revealed last July with a concept images. Both designs were finalized a few months later in November as part of WonHobby Gallery 2022.

Hades Megaera Nendoroid

We have a bit of news about its new Hades Nendoroid for Megaera, including a release date, new photos, and pre-orders.

The figure was previously unveiled during the WonHobby Gallery 2022 Spring event. Good Smile today confirmed that it will launch in July 2023.

WonHobby Gallery 2022 Autumn

WonHobby Gallery 2022 Autumn is taking place today with an exhibition in Akihabara, and it includes all of the latest news and announcements regarding figures.

A number of Nintendo-related products are on display. This includes a new figure for Veronica as she appeared in Veronica, a first look at the Nendoroid for Deltarune’s Ralsei, the final versions of the Cuphead Nendoroids, and more.

Shantae Nendoroid release date pre-order

We have news about the upcoming Shantae Nendoroid, including a release date, new photos, and pre-orders.

Good Smile has the new figure planned for May 2023. She comes with three face plates including a standard face, a winking face, and an attacking face. Additionally, buyers will receive an optional fireball part, a whipping ponytail part for creating action poses, and other interchangeable hand, arm, and leg parts that lets them come up with dancing poses. And if that wasn’t enough, the package contains a miniature figure of Shantae transformed into her Monkey Form.

The Human Toriel Nendoroid

At New York Comic Con 2022 today, the latest Nendoroid news was shared, and we now know that The Human / Toriel from Undertale is getting a figure. As of now we only have the concept image above. This is the first step in the production process, and we’ll probably be seeing a prototype version in the near future followed by the finalized design and release date.

The Human / Toriel joins a few other Undertale Nendoroids. We’ve seen Sans, Papyrus, and Undyne so far.

King Dedede Nendoroid

We have an update on the previously-announced King Dedede Nendoroid, as Good Smile has provided a release date and started up pre-orders today.

The new Nendoroid has interchangeable eye and mouth parts to create a smiling face, a cool-looking determined face, and a shocked, jaw-dropped face. Also as an optional part, King Dedede’s hammer is included. Those that want to properly display the figure can do so with a stand that’s a part of the package.

Undertale Undyne Nendoroid

Good Smile is starting to wrap up production on the Undertale Undyne Nendoroid after it was first revealed earlier in the year, and has now shared more information about the figure – including when it’ll be released, what the final design looks like, and pre-orders.

Undyne has two interchangeable face plates – a standard face and a laughing face. Additionally, as optional parts, fans can equip it with the harpoon and fish-shaped mug. Good Smile suggests that fans can create the game’s memorable water-drinking scene in Nendoroid form and says the character “is looking brave, cool, and even a little cute”.

Smile Fest 2022 is currently taking place in Tokyo, and it’s brought along some major news about future figures – including a couple for Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s Mio.

The event has provided arguably the most amount of reveals and updates we’ve seen at one of these expos. In the case of Mio, she’s getting not one, but two different figures. Other announcements include a King Dedede Nendoroid, our first look at the upcoming Metroid Dread figure for Samus, and more.

Shovel Knight Nendoroid pre-order

The previously-announced Shovel Knight Nendoroid now has a release window plus new photos, and pre-orders have opened.

The figure comes complete with a selection of optional parts including his well-known shovel, a powerful attack effect for combat scenes, and a treasure chest that can be opened and closed. Its height is roughly 100mm and POLY-TOYS is handling the sculpting. Since the figure doesn’t balance on its own, you’re advised to use the included stand.

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