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Undertale: Toriel, Little Nightmares: Six Nendoroids

Good Smile has shared more information about two of its upcoming Nendoroid figures – Undertale’s Toriel and Little Nightmares’ Six – with a release date, photos, and pre-order news.

Toriel is expected first in August, with Six following in September. Toriel includes the face places smiling face, slushing face, and combat face as well as the optional butterscotch-cinnamon pie part. Six’s optional parts are the nome miniature figure, key, lighter, and more. Both also come with a stand since they don’t balance on their own.

Undertale: The Human Nendoroid

The lineup of Nendoroids based on Undertale is expanding once again with the Human, and we have more news about the figure with a release date, photos, and pre-orders.

The Human comes with the expressionless face plate. Additionally, you’ll get Soul and Flowey as optional hand parts. Also included is the hand part to display the Human holding hands with Toriel – another Nendoroid coming at a later date.

Below are some photos showing off the Human Nendoroid as seen in Undertale:

The Human Toriel Nendoroid

At New York Comic Con 2022 today, the latest Nendoroid news was shared, and we now know that The Human / Toriel from Undertale is getting a figure. As of now we only have the concept image above. This is the first step in the production process, and we’ll probably be seeing a prototype version in the near future followed by the finalized design and release date.

The Human / Toriel joins a few other Undertale Nendoroids. We’ve seen Sans, Papyrus, and Undyne so far.

Undertale Undyne Nendoroid

Good Smile is starting to wrap up production on the Undertale Undyne Nendoroid after it was first revealed earlier in the year, and has now shared more information about the figure – including when it’ll be released, what the final design looks like, and pre-orders.

Undyne has two interchangeable face plates – a standard face and a laughing face. Additionally, as optional parts, fans can equip it with the harpoon and fish-shaped mug. Good Smile suggests that fans can create the game’s memorable water-drinking scene in Nendoroid form and says the character “is looking brave, cool, and even a little cute”.

Good Smile today announced that it will be producing two new Nendoroids based on the Undertale series. In addition to a figure for Sans, there’ll be one for Papyrus as well.

Additional specifics were not shared. It’s looking like things are early on in the production process as we only have concept images at this time.

Groove Coaster: Wai Wai Party!!!! made it to Switch about a year ago, but the rhythm game has received a bunch of DLC. This week, an Undertale Pack was made available.

The new DLC comes with ten songs, navigators, and avatars from Undertale – just in time for its fifth anniversary. Here’s the full rundown of everything included:

Best Buy has prepared a new bundle for Undertale on Switch. Along with a digital code for the game, buyers can receive a Sans plush.

You can purchase the bundle on Best Buy’s website here. Pricing is set at $39.99.

Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum ‘n’ Fun! players looking for some fresh content can now get their hands on brand new Undertale DLC. A few tracks can be accessed in Taiko Mode after purchase.

The DLC includes:


Nintendo has shared a new interview with Undertale creator Toby Fox. Topics include the games that influenced him (and plenty of talk about EarthBound), what changed during development, and more.

Here’s the full transcript:


Undertale released an update on Switch today, bringing the game up to version 1.11. This patch is available for all players.

According to the official Twitter account, the new update addresses an important bug. Those who didn’t select a user when starting the game could result in accidental loss of save data. After installing the patch, you shouldn’t encounter any such issues.


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