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Pokemon Sun

GameStop surveyed its PowerUp Rewards members to find out what their most anticipated games of the holiday season are. Final Fantasy XV and Battlefield took the first and second spots respectively, but Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon followed in third place. In case you’re curious, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition rounded out the rest of the top five.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon have already done very well at GameStop. The two releases experienced the highest pre-orders in five years.


Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon have become the fastest-selling games that Nintendo has ever launched in the Americas, the company announced today. The two titles have collectively sold 3.7 million units in under two weeks.

Pokemon Sun/Moon experienced an 85 percent increase over Poekmon X/Y. Previously, X/Y held the records as Nintendo’s fastest-selling games during the same period.

It’s also worth mentioning that Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon were the most pre-ordered games in Nintendo history.

Today’s full announcement can be read below.

Update: The soundtrack is now live in the US and UK as well.

Original: iTunes is starting to be updated with the Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon soundtrack in various regions. It’s available in places like Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and Italy. All regions should be getting it soon.

169 pieces of music are included in the soundtrack. If you’d like to view the full list, continue on below.

The Pokemon Company prepared another Japanese Pokemon Sun/Moon commercial to get ready for Christmas. Take a look at it below.

The moves Memento and Parting Shot have been temporarily banned from Pokemon Sun & Moon’s Battle Spot, i.e. the game’s random online battles. This is not due to balancing concerns, but rather to fix a glitch that causes the game to crash when the Z-Powered versions of those two moves are used. Take this into account when planning your Pokemon’s moves at the moment, but hopefully this should be fixed quickly.


Adobe has reported some findings about Black Friday and Thanksgiving sales in the United States based on its online shopping data.

First and foremost, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon were the top sellers across all video games. The NES Classic Edition and New 3DS XL Solgaleo Lunala Black Edition are said to be among “products most likely to run out-of-stock”.

Over in the UK, HookLogic says that Nintendo, Pokémon and NES Classic Edition were a few of most-searched toys between November 7 and November 21.

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Pokemon Sun & Moon were finally released in the UK and in Europe last Wednesday, and it looks like the delayed release compared to the rest of the world hasn’t hurt sales of the games at all.

In fact, according to Eurogamer, Pokemon Sun & Moon are Nintendo’s biggest ever launch in the United Kingdom – the two games combined sold more in one day than Wii Fit did in two weeks when it launched back in 2008. To put it into perspective, that’s more than 300,000 units.

This is even more impressive considering that the UK is usually one of Nintendo’s worst markets in the UK – it’s likely that Pokemon Sun & Moon sold even better in countries where Nintendo has a stronger presence, like France and Germany. Part of this sales success can definitely be attributed to Pokemon GO; sales of Pokemon X, Y and ORAS spiked during the summer when GO was released, and it’s likely that some of that carried over to Sun & Moon.


Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon finally launched last week. As the two games were approaching their release, Japanese magazine Famitsu caught up with director Shigeru Ohmori and series producer Junichi Masuda to speak about the new games.

Ohmori and Masuda had plenty to say about the challenge of implementing Z-Moves, getting the most out of the 3DS hardware, and new Pokemon/features introduced this time around. Head past the break for our full translation.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon launched in North America last week. Our friends in Europe were forced to wait slightly longer for the games, but they released in PAL regions a few days ago as well. Now that everyone has had some time to experience Sun/Moon, it’s time to talk about them.

How many of you are playing through the new 3DS titles currently? If you are, do you have any particular thoughts about them? Do you like the new Trials, or do you prefer the old Gym system? What are your favorite/least favorite Pokemon introduced this generation? Tell us how you feel about Pokemon Sun/Moon in the comments below!

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TOMY’s new Z-Ring toy interacts with Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. When using a Z-Move, it lights up to correspond with what’s happening in-game.

GameXplain now has a brief video showing how the Z-Ring toy works. It actually uses sound from the 3DS to detect when it should be lighting up. Have a look at the Z-Ring in action below.

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