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Renegade Kid

Xeodrifter is coming to Wii U on July 30, Renegade Kid has announced. Studio co-founder Jools Watsham made the announcement during Nintendo World Rapport.

If you’ve previously purchased Xeodrifter on 3DS, the Wii U version will be free of charge. Cross-buy is also supported for new buyers of the game.

Update from Brian: Bumped to the top. A solution has been found, and Xeodrifter for Wii U will be available for free to those who previously purchased the game on 3DS.

Renegade Kid had originally planned on giving early adopters of Xeodrifter on 3DS a free download code for Wii U owners, however it seems that due to certain limitations, this may no longer be happening according to the co-founder and director of Renegade Kid, Jools Watsham.

It’s unfortunate to see this type of thing happen in the industry. Unfortunately, Jools cannot disclose exactly what’s going on and for what particular reason, but judging from the responses to these tweets, the fans are extremely supportive despite the unfortunate setback, and are still “double dipping” because of their love for the title. For those that don’t have Xeodrifter yet, however, you will get codes for both versions when you buy one as it will be a cross-buy title once the Wii U version releases.

Xeodrifter is currently available in the Nintendo eShop for 3DS, with the Wii U version arriving soon.

Nintendo World Report has captured 13 minutes of footage from Xeodrifter’s Wii U version. Check it out in the video below.

Treasurenauts was announced over two years ago, yet the 3DS eShop game still has yet to be released. Those who are interested in the title can at least rest easy knowing that Renegade Kid will soon be shifting its full effort to the project. According to co-founder Jools Watsham, the team will be focusing entirely on Treasurenauts once Mutant Mudds Super Challenge is completed.

Watsham wrote on Twitter a couple of minutes ago:


– Secret characters playable
– Rusty included (SteamWorld Dig)
– 20 secret characters

– After gathering absolutely everything in the first game, Max says he’s going to go off on his own to investigate some “new intel”
– His new quest brings him to a brand new hub world
– Hub is more open than the first game
– Diamonds you collect in each level as you progress to the end are much more cleverly hidden
– Improved presentation
– The game’s 3D now places Max behind clouds in the game’s sky levels instead of simply placing him on the foreground
– Various themes for level designs
– One design is a mirrored reflection of itself that has you approach it from both the left and right sides
– Every third level in the game is a ghost level
– One boss in the game is a ghost with other enemies around
– Can only harm the ghost with a ghost shot item limited to only ten uses


The original Mutant Mudds launches in Japan on June 24. When that happens, those who purchase the game will be entitled to a free 3DS theme through July 23. It’ll cost 100 yen after that date.

Renegade Kid also has plans to distribute the 3DS theme in North America and Europe. There’s no date yet for its availability, however.


Last week, Renegade Kid said that it hopes to have Xeodrifter out in Europe on June 18. That date is now final. A listing for Xeodrifter on 3DS has gone up on the eShop, which comes with an official June 18 launch date. Xeodrifter will cost €8.99 in Europe.

Next up for Xeodrifter is the game’s Wii U version. It’s unclear when it’ll be coming to Nintendo’s console, but it should happen in the somewhat near future.


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