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Seiken Densetsu Collection

Square Enix filed a Japanese trademark for Collection of Mana earlier this year. Based on that listing, many fans had hoped that the Switch package would finally be localized for the west. There’s now even more evidence of that possibility.

Today, Square Enix picked up another trademark for Collection of Mana. The filing was done this time around in Europe. With E3 2019 right around the corner, perhaps there could finally be news for the west.

Seiken Densetsu Collection first came out in Japan two years ago. It includes Final Fantasy Adventure, Secret of Mana, and Seiken Densestu 3, the latter of which has never made it outside of Japan.


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Square Enix will soon be bringing out a remake of Secret of Mana. At least for now, the game won’t be offered on Switch. That doesn’t mean Square Enix isn’t considering it, however.

Producer Masaru Oyamada reiterated to USgamer that development on the Secret of Mana remake began before Switch was announced. Square Enix was later “very surprised to see the amount of demand and feedback we received for a potential Switch version.” Although there are no promises, Oyamada said the team “will make an effort to see what is feasible in the future”.

Seiken Densetsu Collection lacks any sort of instructions. For new players, that might be frustrating. Not all games necessarily need manuals, but there’s a reason why Seiken 3 had one (and it was 48 pages) back during the Famicom era – it can be complicated.

Square Enix is looking to fix the situation by addressing player requests. For now, the manuals for the games included in Seiken Densetsu Collection can be viewed here. Producer Masaru Oyamada also apologized for any trouble the lack of in-game explanations caused and acknowledged that players felt it was difficult to figure out how to play. Square Enix is preparing an in-game manual as well, but it will take some time. 

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Seiken Densetsu Collection was featured on the latest episode of Denjin Getcha. Take a look at the recording below.

Update: More videos added in below.

Original: Now that it has officially launched in Japan, more Seiken Densetsu Collection footage is popping up. A new video showing off the menu and music test can be found below.

In this week’s issue of Famitsu, Seiken Densetsu Collection producer Masaru Oyamada is interviewed. Oyamada spoke about why the package was brought to Switch and also teased new developments for the series’ 25th anniversary.

Below are several tidbits from the interview, as translated by Gematsu:

  • (Regarding the release of Seiken Densetsu Collection🙂 When I thought that I wanted to release a packaged edition that compiles the first three Seiken Densetsu games, Nintendo Switch, the most suitable hardware, was announced. The platform makes it easy for users to enjoy multiplayer.
  • Today’s elementary school students only know the latest high-definition graphic titles. I want parents and children to enjoy the classic Seiksen Densetsu titles together.
  • The point I want you to pay attention to is the transition and connection of the series. I want you to become acquainted with these amazing games released over 20 years ago.
  • The tricks from the original versions of the games were left almost as is.
  • (Regarding a new title:) Of course, I would like to announce new developments on the series’ 25th anniversary.
  • It’s still undecided, but there may be some sort of movement when playing Seiken Densetsu Collection.
  • I want to develop the series more and more from here on. Please support us.


Famitsu hosted a live stream this week, and showcased plenty of footage from the Japanese Switch release Seiken Densetsu Collection. We’ve included the lengthy recording below.

Seiken Densetsu Collection isn’t too far off. Square Enix will be bringing the package of games to Switch in Japan on June 1.

Seiken Densetsu Collection features the first three games in the series: Seiken Densetsu: Final Fantasy Gaiden (Final Fantasy Adventure / Mystic Quest), Seiken Densetsu 2 (Secret of Mana), and Seiken Densetsu 3. Some special features are also being prepared.

First up is the Screen Change Mode. The first Seiken Densetsu lets you choose between Game Boy mode and Super Game Boy mode. Seiken Densetsu 2 and Seiken Densetsu 3 provide different screen configurations according to what best fits your TV.

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