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Splatoon has sold very well in all regions, but its performance in Japan is particularly impressive. The game is actually the most-successful IP console launch since the Wii series of games (Wii Sports, etc.).

Splatoon is sitting at around 1,357,000 copies sold in Japan. Wii U itself has moved around 3,165,000 units. By the time Wii U is phased out, the tie-in ratio could end up at 50 percent.

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Splatoon’s latest Splatfest has gone live. The event (fancy parties vs. costume parties) is particularly noteworthy, as it’s the first time all regions are competing together.

This weekend’s Splatfest will end at 3 AM PT / 6 AM ET / 11 AM in the UK / 12 PM in Europe on Sunday. We’ll have the results here soon after.


Update (5/13): These are now available for pre-order on Play-Asia.

Original (5/12): It all comes full circle, as Nintendo will be producing a series of playing cards in Japan, with art based on Splatoon. The cards are set for a July release and will come in three different varieties, which you can check out below.



CoroCoro, the Japanese magazine, will be getting a tie-in with Splatoon. Leaked images from the upcoming issue show that three new pieces of gear, all emblazoned with the CoroCoro logo, will be hitting the game. These are a Splat Roller (which has the stats of the regular Splat Roller, but comes with a Splash Wall and Inkzooka), an orange cap (with the Damage Up ability), and an orange parka (with the Cold-Blooded ability). These items will arrive in-game early in the summer. Furthermore, more weapons should arrive at the same time, as the next volume of the Sheldon’s Picks weapons.


The 2015 Famitsu Award ceremony was held in Japan earlier today. We now have the full lineup of winners, including Game of the Year which went to Splatoon. Continue on below for the entire list.

New Splatoon amiibo are due out around the world in July. The first in-person images showing the different figures have now emerged, which we’ve rounded up below.

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Splatoon’s 14th Splatfest will be taking place next weekend in all regions. As a collaboration with Miitomo, the theme asks players if they’d rather attend a fancy party or a costume party. This is the first Slatfest to be held simultaneously worldwide.

The latest Splatfest will begin at the following times:

– 8 PM PT (May 13)
– 11 PM ET (May 13)
– 4 AM in the UK (May 14)
– 5 AM in Europe (May 14)

And it will conclude at the following times:

– 3 AM PT (May 15)
– 6 AM ET (May 15)
– 11 AM in the UK (May 15)
– 12 AM in Europe (May 15)

Soon after the Splatfest ends, we’ll post the results right here.


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After announcing the new Splatoon amiibo this past weekend, Nintendo has now sent out official images of the upcoming figures. We have photos of Callie and Marie plus the alternative colors for the Squid Boy and Girl plus Inkling Squid. Find the images below.

Nintendo has revealed a new set of amiibo planned for Splatoon. On July 8, fans can pick up figures based on the Squid Sisters (Callie and Marie) as well as new colors for Inkling Girl, Inkling Boy, and Inkling Squid.

Here’s a trailer:

Note that the Squid Sisters won’t be sold individually in North America. Instead, they’ll be distributed in a double pack. Likewise, the Orange Squid amiibo is only coming via a 3-pack.

A small note by the way: Splatoon Koshien 2017 (tournament) has been confirmed, but details haven’t been shared just yet. We only know that the finals will be held in February at Game Party Japan 2017.

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The Squid Sisters, the hosts and performers of Splatoon, performed another live concert at ongoing Japanese gaming event NicoNico Choukaigi. You can watch the performance below, which actually includes a few new songs. Stay fresh!