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Earlier this week, Nintendo updated the trademarks for Eternal Darkness and the Wii Vitality Sensor in the United States. Both were updated on December 17. There’s some talk about both products seeing some sort of development, but I’m not quite willing to go that far… yet.


Level-5 has picked up two new Youkai Watch-related trademarks in the United States. “Jibanyan” and “Whisper” – important characters from Level-5’s series – had filings on December 9.

Back in January, Level-5 trademarked “Yo-kai Watch” in the states.


Over in Europe, Nintendo registered a new trademark for Virtual Boy. It just entered the database today.

Along with Virtual Boy, Nintendo also registered Polarium. You may remember that Polarium came to Europe back in 2005 as a DS release.

We can’t be entirely sure what these trademark registrations mean, but I assume that Nintendo is simply brushing up on protective filings for some of its older products.

Thanks to snow for the tip.


Spike Chunsoft has registered trademarks for “Zero Escape” in both the US and Europe. The European application was filed in July, whereas the US trademark was filed on October 2.

What do these trademarks mean? At the moment, no one knows unfortunately! It’s certainly a possibility that nothing will come from either filing.


qudy qudii

Nintendo has picked up a pair of new trademarks in Europe. “QUDY” and “Qudii” were both registered today – September 18.

No idea what these two names are at present. Perhaps you guys have some ideas?

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Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball may finally be heading to Europe. A trademark was recently spotted in the European database, hinting at an upcoming release. Nintendo submitted the filing this past Friday.


Nintendo has filed for a trio of “QOL” trademarks with the USPTO. Of course, these all pertain to the company’s upcoming Quality of Life plans.

Just last week, Nintendo filed a trademark for “QOL” in Europe as well. It was also registered with the Japanese trademark database in March.


Nintendo is preparing for its Quality of Life initiatives with a new trademark in Europe. Sometime today, the company registered the name “QOL” – the filing should be finalized very soon.

Nintendo’s Quality of Life platform should be arriving sometime in 2015/2016.

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Looks like Square Enix has plans to bring Final Fantasy Explorers to the west. The name has been trademarked not only in the US, but Europe as well. Here’s hoping Square Enix makes a localization announcement sometime in the future!

Thanks to snow for the tip.

Update: Thinking about it, this may just be related to the tethering app Nintendo released in Japan last month. We’ll see.

In Japan, Nintendo has trademarked something involving connectivity between a smartphone and a 3DS.

A translation of the filing reads:

Here’s a translation of the trademark:
[Trademark ID 2014-36705]
Trademark: [image]
Applicant: Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Filing Date: May 9, 2014
Publishing Date: June 5th, 2014
Class: 9 (home video game machine program, etc.), 38 (providing information and communication by electronic bulletin board), 41 (mobile games)

It’s unclear how Nintendo will use this trademark, if at all. Remember, just because something is filed, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be put to use.



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