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Ken Lobb talks about initial fan resistance in making Metroid Prime first-person

metroid_prime Posted 4 days ago
By (@NE_Brian)

Ken Lobb, now the creative director at Microsoft Studios, once played a prominent role at Nintendo and worked on several games. This includes Metroid Prime – a title that, at the time, stirred up some controversy for turning the franchise into a first-person adventure.

Lobb spoke about the initial fan resistance surrounding Metroid Prime as part of an interview with EDGE this month. He said:

The fight, in the pre-internet world, was that we were getting a lot of pressure from fans. Nowadays, you’d be buried under Twitter, NeoGAF — both of which I love, by the way — but those voices are even louder today than they were back then. It comes back to a lesson I learned a long time ago: always listen to your customer, but also understand that if you do focus testing what you’re going to hear is, “I want that thing you did last time, because that was awesome.” Every once in a while, you have to learn to not listen to that and go, “Actually, Metroid in firstperson we think could make more sense.” Great creatives are going to disrupt their earlier designs and make things that are new, or build completely new games or new genres.



Nintendo open to revisiting Mario Kart: Double Dash’s dual racers feature

mk_double_dash Posted 2 weeks ago
By (@NE_Brian)

The Mario Kart series has yet to see the return of dual racers since Mario Kart: Double Dash. Yet even though this feature hasn’t been revisited, Nintendo is still open to the idea of featuring two racers per cart.

Mario Kart 8 producer Hideki Konno said during a GDC 2014 roundtable session:

“It wasn’t just a simple case of, ‘Hey, we’re not going to do that again.’ We really think the two racers together in one kart of Double Dash was really unique, and we thought it worked really well.”

“We’ve got that in our pocket, so if we come up with any new, cool ideas that utilize having two players racing together, we will definitely grab that and possibly bring it back out.”

“Having two players racing together, it does have a pretty high cost in terms of processing power, so that is an obstacle. That being said, if we could come up with some ways around that processing cost, we may have two players, maybe even three players, racing together. If we could come up with some cool ideas, we’ll definitely use them.”



Blizzard still has some interest in making StarCraft: Ghost

starcraft_ghost Posted 3 weeks ago
By (@NE_Brian)

StarCraft: Ghost went through a few different delays before Blizzard put the game on hold about a decade ago. But even after such a lengthy period of time, the company still seems interested in returning to the project “some day”.

VideoGamer spoke with Blizzard producer Alex Mayberry about StarCraft: Ghost, and was told that “the idea is still perfectly viable.” Still, the project probably won’t be revisited “any time soon.”

Mayberry’s comments in full:



Former Rare staffer on what Donkey Kong Racing could have been

Posted 1 month ago
By (@NE_Brian)

Donkey Kong Racing was one of those mysterious Nintendo titles that dropped off the map after its initial announcement. It was first revealed at E3 2001 – trailer/tech demo and all – but Rare ended up being acquired by Microsoft and the project was canned.

As for what Donkey Kong Racing could have offered, lead designer Lee Musgrave told Nintendo Life:



Natsume talks Virtual Console, claims Nintendo is working on GBA support for 3DS

natsume Posted 2 months ago
By (@NE_Brian)

Natsume community manager “CeeCee” commented on the publisher’s plans for Virtual Console in the future.

As of late, Natsume has been receiving quite a few fan questions/requests to re-release Game Boy Advance and GameCube titles. Doing so, however, isn’t so simple.

CeeCee explained that when it comes to GBA, this is something the Virtual Console doesn’t support. But interestingly, Nintendo is apparently “working on this” and Natsume “look[s] forward to the day it’s possible.”

Regarding yesterday’s announcement of DS support on Wii U, CeeCee said, “it’s an exciting time, and we’ll be reviewing our DS catalogue for potential titles.”


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