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Nintendo shows off GameCube controller adapter for Wii U, will work with Smash Bros.

gamecube_controller_adapter Posted 2 months ago
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Nintendo has provided a first look at some sort of GameCube controller adapter for Wii U in its “Super Smash Bros. Invitational @ E3 2014″ video.

The company said in a follow-up tweet that the new Super Smash Bros. will be playable with all GameCube controllers:

Nintendo has not yet specified when the adapter will be available, and how it will be distributed. More information soon hopefully!


PDP planning “Wired Fight Pad” for Wii U and Wii

Posted 2 months ago
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Performance Designed Products – in partnership with Nintendo – is developing the “Wired Fight Pad”, a new line of Classic Controller that takes inspiration from the GameCube controller.

The Wired Fight Pad is compatible with the Wii U as well as the original Wii. It plugs directly into the Wiimote’s extension connector and can be used with games that support the Classic Controller, the Classic Controller Pro, and some Virtual Console games. Mario, Yoshi, and Princess Peach are among the fan-favorite characters featured by the Wired Fight Pad.

PDP will release its product this holiday season for $24.99.

Source: PDP PR


Chris Seavor on The Unlikely Legend of Rusty Pup, voicing Slippy Toad, and more

Posted 2 months ago
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ONM has published a new interview with former Rare staffer and Gory Detail founder Chris Seavor. Seavor discussed his background, the indie project The Unlikely Legend of Rusty Pup for Wii U/3DS, and voicing Slippy Toad.

You can find a few excerpts from the interview below. ONM’s full piece is located here.



Nintendo hardware sales from the last three generations of systems

nintendo Posted 2 months ago
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Included in Nintendo’s latest financial results is up-to-date information regarding the company’s hardware sales. You’ll find sales for the last three generations of systems below.

Game Boy Advance Hardware Sales

Japan — 16.96 million units (20.8%)
The Americas — 41.64 million units (51.1%)
Other (Europe / PAL) — 22.91 million units (28.1%)
Overall — 81.51 million units

DS Hardware Sales

Japan — 32.99 million units (21.4%)
The Americas — 59.93 million units (38.9%)
Other (Europe / PAL) — 61.07 million units (39.7%)
Overall — 153.99 million units

3DS Hardware Sales

Japan — 15.89 million units (36.7%)
The Americas — 14.58 million units (33.6%)
Other (Europe / PAL) — 12.85 million units (29.7%)
Overall — 43.33 million units

GameCube Hardware Sales

Japan — 4.04 million units (18.6%)
The Americas — 12.94 million units (59.5%)
Other (Europe / PAL) — 4.77 million units (21.9%)
Overall — 21.74 million units

Wii Hardware Sales

Japan — 12.75 million units (12.6%)
The Americas — 48.46 million units (48%)
Other (Europe / PAL) — 39.85 million units (39.4%)
Overall — 101.06 million units

Wii U Hardware Sales

Japan — 1.81 million units (29.3%)
The Americas — 2.81 million units (45.5%)
Other (Europe / PAL) — 1.56 million units (25.2%)
Overall — 6.17 million units

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