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Implosion is out today in North America and Europe on the Switch eShop. Watch the official launch trailer below.

When Namco Museum launches, players will be able to download a free app from the eShop. This will allow for Download Play on Switch, specifically for Pac-Man Vs.

If one person has purchased Namco Museum, the other Switch owner won’t need a copy of the game. The second person will only need to download the free app for Download Play. One Switch system is used to play as Pac-Man while the other is for three people to play as the Ghosts.

Pac-Man Vs. can also be played with one Switch system with up to three players. However, with one unit, you’ll be limited to playing as Ghosts.

Alchemic Dungeons trailer

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Circle Entertainment shared a new English trailer for the downloadable 3DS game AAlchemic Dungeons. We’ve included it below.

The possibility of a localization of the Switch version of Monster Hunter XX has been quite a hot topic lately, starting with some comments made by Capcom around E3 and now the appearance of the Japanese version at Nintendo’s booth at Japan Expo in Paris. Alex “cvxfreak” Aniel was able to speak to a Nintendo representative at the booth, who told him that “We are unable to comment on localization.” So, no news on that front unfortunately, but the rep also said that “Capcom accepted our offer to show the game at Japan Expo.” It seems like Nintendo pushed to show the game at Japan Expo then, and not Capcom. There seems to be some interest from Nintendo at least to show the game to Western audiences, but again, a localization of the game doesn’t seem to be happening at the moment.


Asobo Studio’s A Plague Tale: Innocence will be coming to other home consoles and PC – but not to the Switch. Speaking to GamingBolt, Asobo Studio’s Chief Creative Officer David Dedeine says that this is due to the system’s lack of power:

“No. I will not lie by just saying…power. It’s really the power of the device. In this case it was the amount of rats we need to display. We already know that there’s too many rats, too many animations, too many AI at the same time. And if we want to give justice to – it’s like there is a large bridge between [it and ] Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro. And the Switch, it was too hard to make the same game in such a different context.

We’ve done the math, and had all sorts of discussions with Focus Home Interactive (the publisher). So maybe will try, but right now the discussion we’ve had with the publisher was to not make Switch a priority.”

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Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido was one of the surprise games revealed during the Nintendo Treehouse Live segment at E3. Back then, the game was reported to be coming to the “Nintendo 3DS family of systems”, as per the fact sheet released by Nintendo. However, on the game’s page on Nintendo of America’s website, it says that the game is compatible with “New Nintendo 3DS systems only”. On Nintendo of Europe’s various websites, on the other hand, the game is listed as being compatible with all 3DS systems.

Lots of conflicting information around – let’s hope Nintendo clarifies this soon, although there’s still some time on the game’s release in 2018.

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Level-5 has released a couple of live action commercials for The Snack World: Trejarers, which will be released in Japan for 3DS on August 10th:

A small update has been released for Magikarp Jump. The 1.2.1 version of the game contains a variety of bug fixes as well as changes to the amount of experience gained in later leagues.


Today’s Fire Emblem Heroes update we have new special maps in the form of A & C Bound Hero Battle maps ranging from hard to infernal difficulty levels, you will be awarded orbs on their completion. In story maps, chain challenge and squad assault are now available for play for the first time. Plus, there is a new summoning focus with emphasis on three of Fire Emblem Echoes’ characters: Clair, Lukas and Genny. All of the special maps and the focus will remain available until July 13th.

Bplus Games Tweeted out that Puzzle Box Maker would be making its way to the Nintendo Switch this autumn. There isn’t too much more information provided, besides the fact that it is coming and a logo. More information seems to be coming soon.


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