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The latest issue of MCV has a listing of the best-selling games in the UK for the month of February. The results are posted below, based on data collected between January 29 and February 25.

As far as physical software sales by platform goes, here are the results:

01 (01) PlayStation 4 – 549,361 (+6.80%)
02 (02) Xbox One – 403,775 (+9.04%)
03 (03) Nintendo 3DS – 79,618 (+10.53%)
04 (04) Xbox 360 – 35,259 (-73.43%)
05 (05) PlayStation 3 – 21,610 (-70.00%)
06 (07) Nintendo Wii U – 20,473 (-40.00%)
07 (06) PC Software – 18,198 (-63.08%)
08 (08) Nintendo Wii – 4,550 (-55.00%)
09 (09) PlayStation Vita – 2,275 (-64.00%)
10 (10) Nintendo DS – 1,137 (-55.02%)

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The MAR10 Day celebrations continues with a new video from Shigeru Miyamoto. Below, you can hear Miyamoto answering a question about the power-up he’d want to have the most in real life.


YouTube user Seaniccus may have uncovered a small but lovely tribute to Satoru Iwata in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

We won’t get too much into the specifics just in case there are some of you who want to be completely blind of the game’s smaller secrets and whatnot, but the main idea here is that one of the game’s NPC bears a striking resemblance to the late Nintendo president. Along with that, he tells you about a certain mountain in the game that’s just one letter off from “Satoru”.

For the full video, continue on below.

The full panel is now online for the Zelda: Breath of the Wild session at GDC 2017. Nintendo’s Hidemaro Fujibayashi,
Satoru Takizawa, and Takuhiro Dohta go in-depth with discussing how some of the convention-breaking mechanics were implemented in the game. Check out the full video below.

A few hours ago, Fire Emblem Heroes added in a new Grand Hero Battle featuring Ursula. Take a look at some footage below.

For those interested in Yooka-Laylee’s soundtrack, it can now be pre-ordered on iTunes. Doing so grants access to the main theme immediately.

Yooka-Laylee has some big talent involved with its music, including Grant Kirkhope and David Wise. Both are well-known for their work on Rare titles of old.


Update: Bumped to the top. Amazon’s MAR10 Day digital sale is now live. Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, Super Mario Bros. 3, and more discounted by 20 percent. Pretty rare for a retailer to have discounts on digital codes.

Original: It’s MAR10 Day, and retailers are celebrating the occasion with a special sale. Mario games and toys are discounted at Best Buy, while Amazon also has a few select titles on sale.

You can find Best Buy’s offerings here, available for today only. Amazon’s deals are here.

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Gamasutra wrote recently a piece asking 9 indie studios how’s it like to develop for Switch. Yacht Club Games, VBlank Entertainment, Game Atelier and Frozenbyte, among others, all agree that Switch has been an enourmous improvement compared to the Wii U days in terms of ease to work with. Many of them even put it on par with Sony’s PlayStation 4, while others think they are still not there, but are catching up.

Brian Provinciano, of VBlank Entertainment, said that “the tools and hardware are much better than they were for the Wii U, so devs from the previous generation should look forward to digging into the Switch”. Additionally, David Bellanco, of Game Atelier agreed in that “Nintendo did a very good job making it easier to develop on the Switch”. He also declared that “it’s very straightforward, I push play on my visual studio, it runs on the device and I can debug very easily.”

Check out the whole article on Gamasutra, as it is an interesting read.



Digital Foundry once again has a technical analysis of a Switch game. Square Enix’s RPG I Am Setsuna is the focus this time.

In its analysis, Digital Foundry points out how the visuals of I Am Setsuna are very comparable on Switch and PlayStation 4. The PS4 version has some extra lighting, but that’s pretty much it.

The main difference between the two versions is frame rate. It’s 60 frames per second on PS4, whereas the Switch edition is 30 frames per second – but it’s not a huge downgrade due to the nature of the game (being a turn-based RPG). Switch holds its frame rate well aside from a few rare instances.

View Digital Foundry’s full analysis below.

Some Super Bomberman R players have been experiencing issues with control lag, leading to even bigger problems when playing with others locally and online. Thankfully, Konami intends to address the situation.

A notice posted to the Super Bomberman R website states that Konami’s “first priority is to adjust control response times which will improve both the online experience and control lag during offline battles.” An update is being prepared, and a date for its arrival will be shared “very soon.”

Other than that, additional updates are coming “to continuously improve the experience for players, both online and offline.”


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