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Pokemon Presents

We didn’t get a Nintendo Direct this week, but we did have a different type of presentation. Pokemon Presents, a broadcast dedicated to announcements for the series, aired on Wednesday.

It’s probably safe to assume that New Pokemon Snap was the highlight for most viewers. On top of that though, there were a few other announcements, including Pokemon Cafe Mix and Pokemon Smile. We have the full recap here.

Now that the presentation has aired, what do you think about the various announcements? What are your predictions for next week’s Pokemon Presents, which will feature news about a big upcoming project? Let us know in the comments below.

Pokemon Sword/Shield - The Crown Tundra

The Isle of Armor DLC for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield added in just over 100 returning Pokemon from previous games. Later this year, there’ll be another drop of familiar creatures. Game Freak intends to bring back even more Pokemon for the launch of The Crown Tundra this fall.

We won’t have the official lineup of returning Pokemon from the second DLC until the official release. However, based on findings from The Isle of Armor, we may have the potential list. As spotted by Twitter user abcboy101, Game Freak has apparently deleted certain entries from the Pokedex while others have been left blank (aside from Mewtwo, Mew, Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion, which are already available but not with Pokedex entries). The Pokemon that were deleted are rumored to be returning since something similar took place prior to the arrival of The Isle of Armor.

Here’s the list making the rounds:

Burnout Paradise Remastered

System: Switch
Release date: June 19, 2020
Developer: Criterion Games / Stellar Entertainment
Publisher: Electronic Arts

Early on, Burnout Paradise Remastered tells you that this game will be “unlike any driving experience you’ve ever had.” Although many people already have experienced this exact same driving adventure in the years since its original release on last-gen consoles in 2008, it is nonetheless just as fun as ever. This remaster promises to bundle all of that version’s extra content and DLC into one polished package that features improved visuals and performance, and after releasing on other platforms a few years back, it’s finally made it to Switch. The release on Nintendo’s console might have a few drawbacks of its own, but it preserves all the simple joy of the original game with pristine performance in portable and docked play.

Free Comic Book Day 2020

Had the coronavirus pandemic not happened, Free Comic Book Day 2020 would have already taken place. The good news is that the event will still be running this year, and has actually expanded for a full summer experience. And much like we saw with the ARMS comic preview back in 2018 (we’re still waiting on the full version, by the way), there’ll be a Nintendo-related offering.

Free Comic Day 2020 will close out with the The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Splatoon: Squid Kids Comedy Show manga. Here’s an overview from the official website:

The way in which you purchase the Expansion Pass for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield has been confusing enough that some players have been purchasing the wrong one.

There’s no universal Expansion Pass. If you have Pokemon Sword, you need to buy the Pokemon Sword Expansion Pass. And if you own Pokemon Shield, you need that game’s Expansion Pass. Unfortunately, players have been mixing up the two versions on the eShop, and have incorrectly picked up the wrong version of the DLC for their games.

Nintendo at least now appears to be addressing the situation with refunds. Players who purchased the wrong Expansion Pass are advised to contact the company here. Nintendo also asks players to “ensure you select the one that corresponds with the version of the game you own.”



Ninjala is a game that’s actually taken quite awhile to release. After it was announced at E3 2018, GungHo originally planned to have the title ready the following year. However, last May, Ninjala experienced a lengthy delay. It was ultimately pushed back an entire year.

In an interview with Nintendo Everything, GungHo spoke about the delay. Game designer Kazuki Morishita told us that the game now has “a completely new server design,” and the extra time was also used to improve the overall experience.

Morishita said:

New Pokemon Snap

Earlier in the week, we found out that Pokemon Snap is returning with a brand new game – aptly named New Pokemon Snap. Pre-orders have now started to open.

Best Buy is taking reservations here while GameStop’s page is here. There’s nothing from Amazon currently, though we’ll keep an eye on things.

A release window for New Pokemon Snap hasn’t been announced, but fans hope we’ll be seeing it before 2020 is over.

Dragalia Lost -Sabnoc

Dragalia Lost players can again encounter Sabnock as a boss in Astral Raids. The battle is available in Beginner, Standard, Expert, and Master difficulties. Players can obtain astral shards and trade them for various rewards. Note that astral pieces are needed to challenge Astral Raids quests.

The Astral Raids with Sabnock will be live until June 22.

Edna & Harvey: The Breakout - Anniversary Edition

Edna & Harvey: The Breakout – Anniversary Edition, Daedalic’s adventure game, made it to Switch this week. View some footage in the video below.

Edna & Harvey: The Breakout – Anniversary Edition is out now for Switch via the eShop.

Summoning Focus: Heroes with Vengeful Fighter has kicked off today in Fire Emblem Heroes. Three Heroes with the Vengeful Fighter skill are available as part of the 5-star summoning event.

Heroes with Vengeful Fighter are granted Special cooldown charge +1 per each of their attack. Additionally, they make a guaranteed follow-up attack if their HP is above a certain amount and a foe initiates combat.

Fire Emblem Heroes will be hosting Summoning Focus: Heroes with Vengeful Fighter until June 26.